Grow your property management company at scale with Property Vista

Drive success with data-driven strategy

Let the numbers lead the way. Identify gaps in your leasing process with analytics right at your fingertips so you know exactly how to cut down your tenant acquisition costs. Watch your buildings fill up faster with minimal time between each vacancy.

Higher efficiency, lower costs

Do more with less. With Property Vista, your team's productivity goes through the roof, driving down expenses and boosting profitability per building unit. Reclaim lost hours from tenant applications and reporting, empowering your management team to tackle real challenges.

Improved portfolio performance visibility

Keep your finger on the pulse of your portfolio's performance, tracking crucial metrics and identifying potential issues at a strategic level. Stay ahead of the curve by proactively addressing challenges, ensuring your properties thrive in an environment of informed decision-making.

I would recommend Property Vista to anyone in the multi-residential space that is looking to become more efficient in their administrative capabilities. The time saved can lead to an exponential return of investment if you utilize it properly

J. Daniel Greenburg
Executive Vice President,

Property Vista isn't just essential to our business, it's a platform we can't live without. The idea of going back to the old way of doing things seems like insanity.

Todd Nishimura
GWL Realty Advisors

The partnership with Property Vista has been invaluable, enabling us to provide exceptional services while staying ahead in the competitive property management landscape

Jack Beaton
Executive Vice President,
Sterling Karamar

All-in-one solution benefiting every area of work

Vista Leasing

  • Vacancy posting

  • Floorplan browsing

  • Credit & background checks

  • Digital applications

  • Digital leases

  • Rental listing syndication

  • Integrated tenant insurance

Vendor Management

  • Vendor database

  • Requisition automation

  • Purchase Order automation

  • Expense automation

  • Vendor payments

Renewal & Legal

  • Renewal automation

  • Batch functionality

  • Automated eviction notices

  • Centralized tenant claims

Service & Maintenance

  • myVista Tenant Portal

  • Message Centre

  • Maintenance

  • Inspections

Accounting & Payments

  • Online rent & fee collection

  • Late fee management

  • Management fee automation

  • Automated Owner Statements & Distributions


  • Prospect application & deposit collection

  • Prospect pre-approval

  • Allocate students to available units

Business Performance

  • Custom dashboards

  • Real-time flexible reporting

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