Everything you need for multifamily leasing

Digital lease applications

The application process can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process for both tenants and property management teams. Property Vista offers a digital lease application solution that simplifies the process and saves everyone time and effort.

  • Faster processing times and less human error

  • Tenants have the freedom to apply anywhere, at anytime

  • Minimize paperwork and cut operating costs

  • Provide a modern and convenient leasing experience for tenants to get more leases

Tenant screening

Seamlessly integrated into your application process, you can avoid the hassle of manually screening applicants. Our built-in screening tool automatically checks credit scores, criminal and eviction history, income, and rental history, providing you with all the necessary information to make informed decisions about applicants.

  • Prevent turnover, delinquent rent, expensive maintenance repairs, and eviction headaches

  • Flag fraudulent information easily

  • Maintain safe and secure environments for tenants and the community

  • Reduce legal liabilities by ensuring

Rental listing syndication

Maximizing the exposure of your rental listings is crucial to filling your vacant units. Take advantage of Property Vista’s rental listing syndication to expand your reach, save time, maintain listing accuracy, and streamline lead management for your rental properties.

  • Reach millions of prospective tenants on popular rental platforms

  • Automatically list available units across multiple rental platforms

  • Update listing information across multiple rental platforms from one central location

  • Optimize ad performance and allocate ad budget based on detailed analytics

Tenant Insurance

We’ve partnered with TenantSure to provide a comprehensive tenant insurance solution to help you reduce risk and streamline insurance enrollment and tracking - so both tenants and property owners get a peace of mind.

  • Tenants easily enroll in tenant insurance at a competitive rate directly within the Property Vista platform

  • Property owners can mitigate financial risks and potential liability

  • Property managers can easily track coverage and ensure compliance with insurance requirements

Digital lease signing

Say goodbye to the hassle of printing, signing, and scanning lease agreements. Property Vista offers a streamlined digital lease signing solution that simplifies the process for both property managers and tenants.

  • Tenants can review and sign lease agreements anywhere, at anytime

  • Stay organized when multiple tenants are associated with one unit

  • Shorten delays associate with paper-based processes

  • Minimize human errors and missing information

  • Secure and legally binding

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