Regardless of your level of property management expertise, it’s likely you’re experiencing issues that can be addressed to help you run an even better operation.

of manual maintenance requests are misplaced

of residents have lingering work orders

of paper-based payments go delinquent

of residents prefer using a portal over Facebook

of residents feel underserviced

of residents want more web-based interactions

At PropertyVista, we provide both the technology you need to better understand your business and the tools needed to make changes. Our solutions come in a modular format, allowing you to choose the services you need, when you need them. This allows you to;

Save Time and Money

An online, always accessible platform helps you fill vacancies faster, with fewer rejections and less turnover. All of this helps boost your cash flow.

Implement Best Practices

Real-time reporting gives you a transparent picture of your properties, helping you make better, more accurate business decisions.

Improve Resident Services

A robust resident portal allows you to offer enhanced services by making use of new technologies and improved, web-based processes.

The data doesn’t lie. Properties that have adopted the PropertyVista platform commonly experience an increase in online payments by well over 70% within the first 3 months of implementation.

Our web-based platform is designed for landlords and property managers who understand the importance of decreasing vacancies, reducing risk and improving cash flow.

Whether you own 10 or 5,000 rental units, we’re here to help you get better residents and a better bottom line.

From web marketing and online resident applications, to intelligent credit checks, automated rent payment, resident portals and customizable dashboards, our web-based platform is easy to use and even easier to implement.

Regardless of how many units you have, an empty unit, a bad tenant or late payments can all add up to trouble, and quickly. We help take away the pain and make it easy for you to build better tenant relations and a better bottom line.

When you’re overseeing thousands of tenants, good customer relations are critical to ensuring your properties are profitable. A strong and trusted partnership between you and your tenants helps reduce vacancies, tenant complaints, property damage, maintenance schedule issues and rent payment problems.

Better Cash Flow

Cash is the lifeblood of your business, and late rental and fee payments can seriously affect your bottom line. We can help improve your cash flow with sophisticated online rental payment tools that allow residents to pay by direct deposit, debit, credit cards or other methods. Plus, real-time alerts kick in when payments fail so you can react to any issues as they happen.

Measure What Matters

Businesses know that they can only manage what they measure. Our management dashboards aggregate and report in real-time about your tenants, units and buildings to build an integrated and transparent picture of your business. The flexible permissions rules allow you to determine which of your employees get to see what information, ensuring the right data gets to the right people.

Easy Integration

You may have already invested in other software or online tools for your property management functions. Through our set of open APIs, we can work in tandem with other systems, including Yardi or even your own proprietary solutions. We are also happy to help you with all your system integration and data import/export requirements.

Our suite of online tools designed for condominium boards and HOAs who understand the importance of improving unit owner services, communications and relations.

Our cloud-based condominium management software brings all the best services together in one unified platform, giving you a one-stop destination to manage your properties and residents, while simultaneously reducing overall operational costs.

From digital concierge and automated communications to online payments and maintenance requests, it’s all part of our commitment to helping you best service your building. Our end-to-end solution covers all the bases, addressing your operational activities as well as giving you the best class owner-facing portal.

As a small landlord, you have to juggle a lot of elements. Keeping track of vacancies, handling paper applications, credit checks and tenant requests. Not to mention collecting rent cheques, and chasing down late payers.

Save Time and Money -Puts it all online and at your fingertips in an easy-to-use integrated system that turns all that chaos into simplified convenience.

Fill Vacancies Faster -Keeping units filled with good tenants who pay on time is quite a job. We help you market your available rental units with photos, 360° tours and a whole lot more. Our web-based platform makes it a snap to capture more leads and turn prospects into happy tenants.

Move Online -Paper-based cheques are a thing of the past. You can start accepting secure online rent payments though your own resident portal, never again having to worry about lost or stolen cheques.

Ensure Security -PCI-compliant, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and end-to-end encryption ensure that sensitive tenant data is always safe and sound.

Online Payments75%

Closed Work Orders85%

All your needs are now together in one unified platform. Available on any browser-enabled device.

With the ability to automate marketing activities, you can focus on fully maximizing your building’s revenue potential.

Paper-free means more applications, more approvals and faster screening. The result is faster turnover times and fewer vacancies.

With the ability to self-serve and access information 24/7, your residents will feel empowered and supported.

A 100% web-based platform means less time managing paper processes and more time for good business decisions.

An up-to-date communications platform allows you to deliver information instantly and electronically, to help keep everyone informed.

Quality Assurance

From implementation to compliance to training, we have it all in place to ensure your transition is seamless, fast and worry-free.

What Our Customers Say

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