Empower prospects to shop, apply, and sign— all in one place

Stage 1: Shop

Prospective tenants can easily explore and find their ideal rental property. With intuitive search filters, interactive maps, and detailed property listings, finding the perfect home becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience.

  • Intuitive property search filters to narrow down preferences

  • Interactive maps for visualizing property locations and nearby amenities

  • Detailed property listings with comprehensive information and high-quality visuals

Stage 2: Apply

No human interactions needed. Digitize the rental application process so prospects can submit online and go through verification, all in one go.

  • Modern, user-friendly interface

  • Integrated ID, Banking, Employment Verification (Verifast)

  • Effortlessly manage and add household members

  • Securely capture tenants' personal information, ensuring compliance with data privacy laws.

  • Offer a transparent and efficient

Stage 3: Sign

Tenants can electronically sign leases, eliminating the need for paper documents and manual coordination.

  • Electronic lease signing for a convenient and paperless experience

  • Automated notifications and reminders to ensure prompt lease execution

  • Efficient communication and documentation exchange between property managers and tenants

  • Accelerated lease closures and reduced turnaround time, leading to improved cash flow

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