Achieve better financial results with centralized accounting

Digital rent & fee collection

Streamline the online rent payment process. Say goodbye to paper cheque rent payments. Property Vista allows your team to keep track of all the tenant rent payments in one place.

  • Encourage timely payments with auto-pay and automated reminders

  • Minimize paperwork

  • Centralized payment tracking

  • Clear and transparent payment records

Automated vendor payments

Have to pay for window cleaning or elevator maintenance? Send payments securely to multiple vendors all at once with a few quick clicks. We take over the payment process from there.

  • Pay multiple vendors at once

  • Automate manual processes and save time

  • Flexible payment options; vendors can choose to get paid via ACH/EFT, paper cheque, or virtual cards

  • Strengthen vendor relationships

Automated owner distributions

Handling the rent collected to property owners has never been easier. Save time and effort as we automatically calculate the owner distributions and deduct management fees. All you have to do is click send.

  • Boost accuracy & efficiency

  • Automatic distribution calculation

  • Put hours back in your day

  • Click-and-send convenience

Smart budgeting

Effortlessly manage property budgets with Property Vista's intuitive budgeting feature. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and say hello to streamlined financial management and improved efficiency.

  • Simplified data management with import/export functionality

  • Comprehensive budget reports showcasing actual values and variances

  • Real-time insights for informed financial decisions

Real-time financial reporting

Access all the insights you need right at your fingertips. Drill down on customizable financial reports such as balance sheets and profit-loss statements, rental reports, transaction reports and accounts receivable/payable reports.

  • Consolidate data, reports and accounting reports based on a variety of permutations to combine by owners or specific properties

  • Make better business decisions with actionable insights

  • Customizable reporting filters, parameters, and formats

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