Everything you need for multifamily tenant operations

Cloud-based CRM

Access a full suite of integrated modules to meet all your property management needs so you can retain your best tenants and improve your bottomline

  • Centralized data across teams

  • Superior customer support to keep you up and running

myVista Tenant Portal & Tenant App

An intuitive, one-stop-shop for your tenants to access the tools and information they need to pay rent, submit online maintenance requests, purchase tenant insurance, and more.

  • On-demand, all from the comfort of the tenant’s own home or when they are on-the-go

  • Encourage adoption of digital rent payments

  • Enhance tenant communication and experience

Communications Centre

A centralized platform for all communication related to the property, including email, voice message, text message, and in app notifications.

  • Templated or customizable messages

  • Create a sense of community and boost tenant retention

  • Send mass notifications or individual messages at the tip of your finger


Transform your property management experience with our intuitive maintenance module. Designed to simplify and optimize maintenance operations, our maintenance features empower property managers to effortlessly handle maintenance requests, reduce response times, and enhance resident satisfaction.

  • Track maintenance process in real time

  • Provide top-notch tenant service with minimal response times

  • Tenants can digitally capture photos for streamlined documentation

  • Automate work order creation, assignment,
and tracking

  • Seamlessly collaborate with vendors to manage
work orders


Access all the tools you need to conduct thorough assessments, proactively address issues, and maintain optimal property conditions. Automate inspection schedules while ensuring high-quality images are consistently captured.

  • Inspections on-the-go with our dedicated mobile app, Inspector

  • Customizable templates for move-in, move-out inspections, routine inspections, quarterly inspections, and more

  • Reduce administrative burden and save time

  • Improved accuracy and accountability with photos, videos, and digital signatures

  • Enable easy access to documentation between different stakeholders

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