Sterling Karamar Achieves Near Zero Vacancy with Property Vista

"Property Vista has revolutionized our property management operations. The comprehensive features and user-friendly interface have allowed us to streamline our processes, enhance resident satisfaction, and adapt seamlessly to the digital era. The partnership with Property Vista has been invaluable, enabling us to provide exceptional services while staying ahead in the competitive property management landscape."

Jack Beaton
Executive Vice President, Operations, Sterling Karamar Property Management


Based in the Greater Toronto Area, Sterling Karamar Property Management (“Sterling Karamar”) is a prominent property management company with a rich history spanning several decades. Specializing in managing residential, commercial, and industrial properties, Sterling Karamar has built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional property management services. With an extensive portfolio encompassing a wide range of properties, including apartment buildings, townhouses, and commercial spaces, Sterling Karamar understands the complexities and challenges of the property management industry. However, the company was determined to elevate its operations and enhance the experience for both property owners and tenants.

Customer Challenge

A Journey of Operational Gaps and Tenant Dissatisfaction

Sterling Karamar faced several challenges prior to implementing Property Vista as their property management software. One of the main issues was the extensive use of paper applications and paperwork. This reliance on physical documents created inefficiencies and made it difficult to track and manage various processes such as work orders, tenant leases, and renewals.

The shift towards a digital solution was necessary to keep up with the rapidly advancing digital landscape and industry demands. Sterling Karamar recognized the need to streamline their operations, enhance resident communication, and improve overall efficiency. They sought a solution that would modernize its property management operations, improve efficiency, and provide a seamless experience for both property owners and residents.

Property Vista's Solution

Streamlining the End-to-End Property Management Process

After an extensive search, Sterling Karamar Property Management discovered Property Vista, a software solution that aligned perfectly with their requirements. Property Vista offered a range of features and modules to address the company's specific challenges.

  1. Enhanced Communication: The myVista Tenant Portal facilitated efficient communication between the property management company and residents. Seamless submission and tracking of work orders and service requests ensured timely responses and maximized resident satisfaction.
  2. Improved Risk Management: Property Vista's insurance module served as a valuable auditing tool for resident insurance. It empowered Sterling Karamar to effectively track insurance renewals, receive timely notifications, and prompt tenants to upload their policy documents. This mitigated risk for both residents and properties, ensuring comprehensive protection.
  3. Convenient Online Payments: Property Vista streamlined the payment collection process by offering residents a secure platform for various forms of online payment processing. From electronic payments to online banking and credit card transactions, residents could conveniently conduct transactions, improving convenience and simplifying financial management for Sterling Karamar.
  4. Efficient Digital Leasing: By implementing a digital leasing system, Sterling Karamar eliminates the need for paper applications and manual processes. The team could effortlessly send links to prospects, track their progress, and handle document submissions digitally. This resulted in a faster, more efficient leasing process, enhancing resident satisfaction and reducing administrative burden.

The Outcome

Improved Efficiency, Delighted Residents, and Uninterrupted Operations

By implementing Property Vista, Sterling Karamar Property Management experienced significant improvements in their property management operations, resident engagement, and overall efficiency. 

“Since implementing Property Vista at the site level, we've seen an increase in resident engagement, communication, and accessibility. They know there's always someone on the other end of the line, and response time is much quicker.”

The outcomes achieved were as follows:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Property Vista's all-in-one solution provided automation and data centralization, allowing Sterling Karamar to optimize their workflows and reduce manual tasks and administrative burdens. This resulted in increased productivity and freed up valuable office space previously occupied by file cabinets.
  2. Improved Resident Satisfaction: The resident portal and streamlined communication channels provided by Property Vista facilitated better engagement and communication between Sterling Karamar and its residents. Faster response times, seamless work order handling, and convenient online payment options led to improved resident satisfaction.
  3. Business Continuity: During the challenging times of the pandemic, Property Vista played a vital role in enabling Sterling Karamar to continue providing essential services to residents while ensuring their safety. The digital capabilities of Property Vista allowed the company to handle work requests, accept online rent payments, and manage lease agreements virtually, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

By leveraging Property Vista's comprehensive property management software, Sterling Karamar Property Management successfully overcame their operational challenges and achieved notable improvements in efficiency, resident satisfaction, and business continuity. The partnership with Property Vista empowered Sterling Karamar to embrace a more streamlined and sustainable approach to property management, setting the stage for scaling their business and driving further success in the future.

Success Snapshot

Streamlined Operations, Happy Residents

The seamless digital submission and tracking of maintenance requests ensured timely responses

Achieved 90-100% Adoption in Electronic Rent Payments

Residents are offered various rent and fee payment options via a secure online payment platform

Reached Minimal Vacancy While Staying Virtual

Enabled to digitize work requests, accept online rent payments, and manage lease agreements virtually

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