GWL Realty Advisors Manages Prospects Seamlessly with LeadManaging

“If you aren't using Property Vista’s LeadManaging module or something similar, it would be really challenging to successfully operate your rental business. Property Vista isn't just essential to our business, it's a platform we can't live without. The idea of going back to the old way of doing things seems like insanity.”

Todd Nishimura
Senior Director, Marketing, Leasing and Communications, GWL Realty Advisors Residential


GWL Realty Advisors (GWLRA) is a leading real estate investment and management firm focused on creating exceptional living experiences for residents across Canada. With a portfolio of over 10,000 units in major urban centres, GWLRA offers a wide range of rental properties. Their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and resident satisfaction has earned them a reputation as a trusted and forward-thinking leader in the Canadian rental market. Many property management companies rely on outdated tools and manual processes to generate, track, and convert leads. Recognizing the competitive advantages of modernization,GWLRA began looking for a way to transform its lead management. Discover how GWLRA leveraged LeadManaging to unlock data-driven insights that transformed all levels of the decision making process.

GWLRA’s Challenge

Breaking Down Funnel Bottlenecks

When Todd Nishimura first joined GWLRA in 2012, the company's lead management processes were entirely manual, which meant navigating countless spreadsheets. Although manual processes were common in the property management space, GWLRA tasked Nishimura with finding a better way.

The company had no reliable way to measure activity and assess performance. While the data existed, salespeople, the marketing team, and property managers had difficulty analyzing it without the right tools and largely relied on intuition to guide decision-making. Identifying the root cause of

issues with an underperforming asset or campaign often required a painstaking investigation —

which inevitably meant less time to grow the company.

The lack of efficiency also had the potential to bleed over to customers, resulting in time-consuming bookings and delayed follow-ups which impacted the customer experience.

Property Vista’s Solution

Better Management from Lead to Lease

Nishimura soon identified Property Vista’s LeadManaging module as the perfect solution to help GWLRA address its lead management challenges. 

Property Vista’s LeadManaging is a web-based lead management solution designed specifically for multi-family residential property management companies. Its robust dashboards provided GWLRA with a consolidated, high-level view of its leads along with all related assets, campaigns, and communication. Armed with comprehensive insights on everything from advertising to occupancy, GWLRA embraced a more strategic, data-driven approach to managing both leads and sales. Plus, integration with GWLRA's workflows streamlined appointments by allowing the company to shift to on-demand booking for viewings. 

"Property Vista's level of service has been of high quality" Nishimura explains. "On the rare occasion that something goes wrong, they're always on top of things — always there to solve the issue in a timely fashion. Their knowledge-base is also incredibly helpful, and we've made full use of everything from refresher training to functionality demos.”

The Outcome

More Visibility Into the Entire Lead Management Cycle

Thanks to Property Vista’s LeadManaging, there's no longer any guesswork involved in GWLRA's marketing and sales workflows. Nishimura and his team have immediate, real-time access to metrics with one source of truth, including reply ratios, conversion rates, advertising KPIs, and asset performance. This data gives GWLRA a starting point for better decision making, while also making it considerably easier to determine both when and why an asset is underperforming. 

One of the key benefits of the LeadManaging module is the ability to track leads throughout the entire journey, from initial contact to lease signing. Property management teams like GWLRA can easily see which campaigns and channels are driving the most leads, as well as which ones are converting into leases. With the LeadManaging module, GWLRA can create automatic follow-up emails, set reminders for callbacks, and manage bookings to improve communications and the overall customer experience. 

The LeadManaging module even supports GWLRA’s workflows through seamless integrations with their online booking tool. Customers can now directly book an apartment viewing through a calendar integration and all lead info will automatically sync with LeadManaging. This has given GWLRA’s customers more flexibility in booking viewings and has had a positive impact on the overall customer experience.

"Property Vista’s LeadManaging module has become so integrated into how GWLRA operates that we can't imagine not using it, " Nishimura explains. "How do you measure the success of eating lunch? It's just something that you need to do in order to function." Ultimately, these benefits translate to a single outcome — reduced vacancy in GWLRA's residential properties thanks to better lead generation and customer service.

Success Snapshot

Ditch paper-based processes

GWLRA embraced a data driven approach

Real-time insights

Reply ratios, conversion rates, advertising KPIs, and asset performance

100 % prospect funnel visibility

Easily see which campaigns and channels are driving the most results

Superior leasing experience

Automatic follow-up emails, call back reminders, self-serve bookings, integrated agent calendars

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