Carrera Management Streamlines Accounting & Financial Processes with Property Vista

"Partnering with Property Vista was one of the best decisions we have made so far. It has not only helped us save money, but also enabled efficient property management. All property management companies in Canada should use Property Vista because it will save them a lot of money, time, and frustration. Joining Property Vista will undoubtedly be one of their best business decisions."

Vachan Rao
Senior Property Accountant, Carrera Management


Carrera Management (“Carrera”), a prominent property management company, had established a reputation for excellence in managing residential properties throughout the city. With a vast portfolio of properties to oversee, Carrera faced numerous challenges in streamlining their operations and enhancing efficiency. One of the key areas that required improvement was their accounting process, which heavily relied on paper cheques and manual tasks.

Customer Challenge

Streamlining Accounting Processes and Reducing Reliance on Paper cheques

The existing accounting system at Carrera was burdened by the use of paper cheques. Every month, the finance team had to print and distribute hundreds of cheques to property owners for rent payments. This cumbersome process consumed significant time and resources, resulting in delays and inefficiencies. Moreover, tracking and reconciling the paper cheques proved to be a painstaking and error-prone task. The company realized that it needed a modern solution to optimize its accounting procedures and reduce reliance on paper cheques.

Property Vista's Solution

Streamlining the End-to-End Property Management Process

Carrera embarked on an extensive quest to find the perfect software solution that could meet their diverse needs. After thorough research and evaluation, their search led them to Property Vista, a robust property management platform that proved to be a perfect match. Property Vista stood out from the competition by offering a comprehensive suite of features and modules specifically designed to address Carrera’s unique challenges and bring about a revolution in their day-to-day operations.

  1. Seamless Accounting Process: Property Vista's Accounting module seamlessly integrates with existing systems, transforming the cumbersome process of paper cheques. By enabling electronic rent payments through secure online portals, tenants can conveniently submit their rent. This eliminates the need for printing and distributing paper cheques, saving valuable time and resources for Carrera. The module also automates rent receipt distribution and provides real-time financial insights through comprehensive reporting.
  2. Convenient Online Payments: Property Vista simplifies payment collection by offering residents a secure and convenient platform for online transactions. Whether it's electronic payments, online banking, or credit card transactions, Property Vista accommodates various forms of online payment processing. This streamlines the payment collection process for Carrera, reducing manual tasks and improving cash flow management.
  3. Efficient Resident Portal: The myVista Tenant Portal enables residents to submit and track work orders and service requests efficiently. With timely responses and enhanced resident satisfaction, the portal serves as a centralized hub for residents to interact with the management company. It fosters transparency and convenience, ensuring a seamless communication channel.
  4. Effective Insurance Management: Property Vista's insurance module proves invaluable for Carrera's risk management efforts. It serves as an auditing tool for resident insurance, tracking renewals, sending notifications, and prompting tenants to upload policy documents. This streamlines the insurance process, mitigating risk for both residents and properties while ensuring compliance with insurance requirements.
  5. Efficient Digital Leasing: Property Vista's digital leasing system revolutionizes Carrera's leasing process by eliminating paper applications and manual processes. With the ability to send links to prospects, track their progress, and handle document submissions digitally, Carrera experiences a faster and more efficient leasing process. This enhances resident satisfaction while reducing administrative burdens.

With Property Vista's suite of features and modules, Carrera experienced a transformative shift in their property management operations. The integration of Property Vista's solutions enabled streamlined accounting processes, efficient communication with residents, improved risk management, simplified payment collection, and accelerated leasing procedures. Carrera could now focus on providing exceptional property management services while leveraging the power of technology to drive operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Outcome

Scaling for Financial Growth

The integration of Property Vista's Accounting module brought about a remarkable transformation in Carrera's accounting processes. By eliminating paper checks, the company experienced a significant increase in operational efficiency. The time-consuming task of printing, distributing, and tracking paper checks was eliminated, allowing the finance team to redirect their efforts toward more strategic initiatives.

Furthermore, the switch to electronic rent payments improved convenience for tenants, resulting in higher satisfaction levels. Tenants appreciated the ease of making payments online, avoiding the hassle of paper checks and physical visits to the management office. The online rent payment system also ensured faster payment processing and reduced the likelihood of errors, leading to improved cash flow for Carrera.

With Property Vista's Accounting module, Carrera gained enhanced financial visibility and control. The software's robust reporting capabilities enabled the finance team to generate detailed financial reports effortlessly. This allowed for better decision-making and proactive financial planning, contributing to the company's overall success.

Ultimately, Carrera successfully tackled its accounting challenges by embracing Property Vista's Accounting module. By eliminating the reliance on paper checks and leveraging the power of automation, the company experienced improved efficiency, tenant satisfaction, and financial management. Carrera could now focus on providing exceptional property management services while leaving the burden of manual accounting processes behind.

Success Snapshot

Turbocharged accounting efficiency

Eliminated paper cheques, streamlined processes and saved significant time and resources

Improved tenant satisfaction and cash flow management

Vista Pay helped make rent collection a breeze

Better financial visibility and proactive planning

Real-time insights, and comprehensive reporting enabling informed decision-making and driving long-term growth

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