Welcome to a New Era of Contactless Property Management

Happy New Year! As we ease into 2021, the pandemic is still very much a part of our lives. While there has been a push towards property management technology over the last few years, the events of 2020 propelled it to new heights. 

This shift ultimately helps reduce time-consuming manual tasks for property managers. And, Millennials, who are the largest renter generation in the country compared to other segments of the population, have grown up with tech and just expect the convenience it offers to be pervasive. Even when Covid-19 is behind us, many of the new protocols will stay. We’ve entered a new era of contactless property management.

Virtual & Keyless Tours

Virtual tours, which enable the potential renter to experience a 360-degree walkthrough of a unit from the comfort of their own home before booking an in-person visit, have been a rising trend in recent years. While that’s still the case, we are also seeing a shift to self-guided tours facilitated through smart keys. One of the biggest benefits of a smart key system is the ability to provide access to a unit remotely in real time. It offers convenience and safety to both the prospective tenant and to the property manager.

Online Applications & Credit Checks

If the prospect likes what they see at the property, an online, frictionless application is an easy and streamlined way to get all the info needed to process both the credit check as well as the background check. For example, Property Vista’s solution captures all required leasing information, including electronic signatures, and even automatically screens tenants through a state-of-the-art risk assessment tool to ensure that your tenant meets your standards. 

Contactless Move-In 

Once tenants have been approved, you can get them set up in the tenant portal, where they can pay rent, arrange any repairs and reserve an elevator for moving day. Come moving day, new tenants can access their new home via keyless entry or a lockbox. Due to the pandemic move-in inspections are now being conducted in two ways: 1.) The new tenants review and approve a pre-move-in inspection conducted by the property manager; 2.) They perform their own inspection on their mobile device, following the instructions sent to them by the property manager.

Everyday Operations

As noted about, tenant portals make it easy to allow for remote interactions between the tenant and the property management company or landlord, particularly with regard to paying rent or calling in a repair. While a tenant-completed move-in inspection may be fine, property inspections performed by an expert are a must throughout the year to preserve the value of the building. A portal makes it much more convenient to arrange a time for socially distanced inspections.

Lease Renewals

In the time of Covid-19, contactless lease renewals are seen as a safer and more secure option. Property management tech can facilitate personalized, remote check-ins with the tenant prior to lease renewal time. If the resident is renewing, you can send the lease to be signed digitally.

Go Contactless with Property Vista

Property Vista helps you digitize, automate and scale your operations. Online payment solutions, owner and tenant portals and a centralized repository for all electronic information supports remote and contactless customer services and daily operations. Our integrated and holistic solution enables you to grow your business, boost tenant stickiness and improve your bottom line. See pricing and get a demo.