The Benefit of Tenant and Owner Portals for Rental Property Websites

The property management industry can be multifaceted and dynamic. On any given day, a property manager might be following up on vacancy enquiries, conducting tenants move-in inspections or responding to calls from tenants or sending reports to owners. There’s a lot happening and maintaining excellent landlord tenant communication is critical. But you also need to deliver excellent customer care and a return on investment to the property owners as well.

How to Deliver Better Customer Care

Both property owners and tenants expect outstanding customer experiences. A simple and affordable solution like tenant and owner portals can help property managers vastly improve landlord tenant communication as well as build relationships with owners.

When there’s a problem or question, people want a response – fast! Industry research states that most tenants expect prompt communication and to have issues dealt with in under two hours, whether the response shows up as a phone call, email or text message. A tenant portal gives property managers the tools to automate responses, and deal with any issues in a timely and more prompt matter. As you have a digital record of all communication, nothing falls between the cracks.

Enable Superior Self-Service

From fixing a leaky faucet to changing rent payment preferences, tenants want to be able to get things done without having to drop by or call the office. Likewise, owners want access to reports and updates without having to call. Tenants and owners access the portal by a smartphone, tablet or computer— giving your key stakeholders the tools get information and make request on their own, anytime or anywhere.

Maintenance Requests

When maintenance requests are handled through a portal rather than phone or paper, the process becomes easier, and more transparent, for everyone. Your residents can bypass the hassle of phoning your office, and instead, can instantly upload details about the maintenance issue. A portal makes it a snap to include photos so you can instantly assess the situation and send the appropriate info to your maintenance people or third-party vendors.

Property managers can quickly assign work orders and track progress, ensuring timely repairs and updates for all parties. Using an online portal also enables property management to send reminders to contractors or onsite maintenance staff, and get tenant permission to legally access the unit to make the repair.

Pay Rent Online

Today’s renters want to pay their rent the way they pay all of their bills: online through their bank or credit card. It’s no secret that online payments are faster and more secure than cheques. A portal will help cut down on paperwork and tedious manual tasks, saving valuable resources. And, more importantly, tenants can easily see when rent is due and owners can track that payments have been made.

Timely Updates

Successful businesses run on clear communication. Resident portals make it possible to send tenants notifications, like events, rent reminders and maintenance service announcements. You can build community relations by promoting gatherings like movie nights, while ensuring that rent is paid promptly. And in the event of crises, such as burst pipes or gas leaks, you’ll be able to notify people in real time.

There you have it. Tenant and owner portals are the building blocks of better communication and stronger relationships. If you are curious about how they can help your business, be sure to see our pricing and request a free demo.