Property Marketing Strategies to Attract Owners

Property marketers are always looking to up their game, and grow their business. But with more and more property management firms popping up, you need to stand out from the competition. Owners want to know that you are an expert in your field and your company is trustworthy. Here are some effective property marketing strategies to help you land more owners.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Your website and marketing efforts are mobile-friendly, right? No? Consider this:

  • 62% of global users access the web via their phone
  • Smartphone users spend 4+ hours per day on their phones
  • 57% of consumers said they would not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website
  • 40% of users go to a competitor website after a bad experience with mobile site

Not only do property owners expect consistent online experiences whether or not they access your website via traditional desktop, tablets or smartphones, they expect you to be able to deliver an outstanding mobile experience to potential renters of their property.

Content Marketing

More and more property marketers are using content to educate prospective clients and position themselves as experts. Effective content strategies include all types of media, such as blog posts, white papers, short videos or podcasts and infographics (Video marketing is quickly becoming a powerhouse strategy).

Essentially you want to address the various “pain points” or common questions that property owners have. Keep in mind, these content assets are primarily education with a subtle soft sell as you present your property management services as the solution for time-stretched owners. Consider doing a gated white paper to help capture leads.

Email Marketing

Property marketers have been using email marketing for two decades now, but that doesn’t mean it’s old news. Not only have email marketing strategies evolved significantly, it’s still the best way to nurture marketing-qualified leads (remember that gated whitepaper?!) and turn them into new customers.

And, don’t forget your existing customers. Always be marketing to them, showing them what you are doing to improve the value of their properties and asking for referrals.

Showcase Your Property Management Marketing Tools

Owners want a modern property management firm that harnesses technology to keep their property rented. The ability to automate ILS listings, change out photos on the fly, and really market the owner's properties has huge appeal. It shows that your property management firm is in tune with how consumers look for and lease properties.

PPC & Remarketing

Strategic PPC can put you at the top of page when owners start looking for a local property management firm. PPC ads can drive site traffic and lead generation. And, once you’ve got the new prospect to your website, be sure to follow up with remarketing ads, so they see your logo and message on relevant websites.

How Property Vista Helps

If you are looking to enhance your marketing strategies and tools, Property Vista can help. Our affordable online solution offers modern, simple and effective ways to promote your properties. We give you all the tools and guidance you need to build websites, keep your listings fresh and fine-tune your online presence. You can even use our professional SEM and SEO services to maximize your online reach. See pricing and book a demo.