Modern Multifamily Marketing: Creating Your Brand Story

When marketing a product, storytelling is all the rage. People love to see, read or hear stories because it creates a human connection. Long after the facts or figures have been forgotten, people remember the stories. A brand story goes beyond advertising. It actively builds trust with your potential renters and your current residents.

This is such an exciting opportunity for multifamily marketers. A living space is a personal decision and lends itself easily to telling that brand story. Properties that have brand appeal can attract higher quality tenants, command higher rents and even build waiting lists.

Stats tell us that storytelling can boost conversion rates by as much as 30%. In fact, 92%of consumers want brands to create ads that feel like stories. But what makes a good story? The marketing experts agree, a story needs to be simple, inspiring, inclusive and believable.

Be Customer-Centric

Multifamily brands need to zero in on their core values and differentiators to frame the story around the renter. Each multifamily property is a community. Put yourself in your renters’ shoes and ask, “Why rent here, rather than other available properties?” Is it pet-friendly? In a great area for families? The idea is to reflect how the experience of your community fits their lifestyle. It goes much, much farther than a logo and a tagline.

Know the Problems You Solve

Get to the “why” – what is the value you bring to the customer. Your potential renters shouldn’t have to work to figure this out. It should be apparent in all of your communications.

Be Authentic

Many property firms are using resident interviews and surveys to reveal hidden gems, genuine experiences and insights into the voice of the customer. When you can integrate some of these concepts and resident testimonials throughout your website, it helps prospects imagine how they will feel in their living space. In essence, your existing tenants are your influencers. Bring them into your brand story.

Make an Impression

Brands like Apple are brilliant at telling memorable stories. They are passionate about their product and it shows. They easily communicate how their products add value to their consumers’ lives. You can leverage the same strategy for your property. Create evocative, engaging stories about what it is like to live in your community.

Get the Message Out

Taking the time to create useful, engaging, and inspiring content marketing pieces will go a long way in communicating your building’s brand. Strong brand values, a distinctive voice on social media, and media (photos/videos) that effectively portrays the living experience of the community are just a few of the effective ways to embrace storytelling.

By developing content that is informative and relevant, you boost your chances of being discovered by your ideal renter. Instead of thinking of content as a way to simply advertise your property, think of content as a powerful means to communicate with prospects and to retain existing residents.

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