How Work Order Tracking Software Can Save You Money

Did you know that on average 20% of paper-based maintenance requests are misplaced, and 25% of residents have lingering work orders? Property management firms juggle a variety of work orders, from tenant repair requests to routine preventive maintenance tasks to emergency repairs. However, keeping tabs on scheduled and on-demand maintenance tasks can overwhelm a manual or paper-based work order scheduling system. That’s why many property management companies are switching over to work order tracking software.

Work Order Tracking Software Benefits

Keep Everyone Connected

One of the biggest benefits of work order tracking software are real-time updates. You and your team will be able to access information from anywhere and more effectively coordinate repair jobs. Closer, more efficient collaboration saves time and ultimately admin costs.

Effective Budget Management

A centralized, web-based systems allow you to manage budgets effectively. It makes it a snap to track employee maintenance and repair hours and purchase orders all in one place. And, because you can generate purchase orders for required supplies directly from the work order, you get maximum transparency. Being able to get this type of visibility ensures that costs don’t creep upwards.

Keep Everything in One Place

With work order tracking software, you have a record of all interactions between tenants and maintenance vendors, ensuring that nothing goes missing. It also means that little problems are fixed and don’t grow to be big problems, which can add up to big dollars.

Faster Issue Resolution

When maintenance workers receive work orders via work order maintenance tracking software, they can immediately begin work on the repair. They have all of the information they need, including details about required materials they need to bring with them and the exact location of the repair. This allows your maintenance people or the third-party vendor to complete work orders without delay.

Reduce Paper Costs

Opting for a web-based solutions means you’ve instantly cut paper costs as well as printing costs. And, you can forget about the admin time to file hard-copy documents and retrieve them.

How Property Vista Helps

One of the most critical elements of property management software is how it handles the paperwork-heavy tasks of maintaining safe, secure and code-compliant properties. Property Vista has revolutionized maintenance and vendor management simply by placing the customer at the centre of our development. See pricing here.