How Top-Rated Property Management Software Benefits Key Stakeholders

Top-rated property management software – like Property Vista’s solution – makes life easier for key stakeholders like prospects, tenants, property management companies and owners. The best property management software is software that serves and empowers all parties to achieve their goals, faster and more efficiently. From applying for a lease to collecting rent, see how the best property management software helps all stakeholders.


While property management software increases your visibility to the relevant prospect (and in the process increasing your chances of attracting high-quality applicants) it also benefits the prospect as well. With property management software you can include virtual tours on your website as well as online applications. It helps them in their hunt for a new place to live and streamlines everything so they can apply anytime that is convenient to them, and from any location.

At the end of the day, if a prospective renter has to choose between two units with similar locations and physical amenities, with one offering convenience empowered by technology, like online payments, easy 24/7 communication and a better customer experience – that will be the one that has an edge over the competition.


Today’s tenants expect fast, on-the-go service. They don’t want to bother with in-person cheque delivery or manual application forms. (The very act of payment through a series of cheques belongs in the Jurassic era of rent payment.) When companies make it easy for individuals to have entirely online experiences, when desired, they have a much higher customer satisfaction score.

This desire for “contactless” has only been amplified by the pandemic. And, online rent payment is just the beginning.  With a tenant portal in place, renters can update their account information, pay rent, place maintenance requests, secure insurance coverage and better communicate with staff. It makes it easy for them to put in any maintenance requests, and even upload images of the needed repair and give their permission to enter the unit.

And when it comes to rent renewals, through the tenant portal, the leasing agent can share documents and get an e-signature, and tenants can renew their lease from wherever they are. No more waiting for physical copies of signed lease documents.  

Property Management Companies

Using dedicated, purpose-built property management software is a bit of a no-brainer. It helps property management firms to run their business in real time. The use of technology can create efficiencies, eliminate redundancies and organize – and automate – multiple tasks. It gives property managers time back in their day so they can focus on showing properties or delivering superior customer service to tenants.

The best property management software solutions directly captures leads from the ILS listing and feeds them to the right rep for prompt follow-up. The digital information can also auto-populate guest cards, leasing forms and welcome letters, eliminating manual work and potential errors, and saving time when the applicant becomes a tenant. With the right property management solution in place, you can integrate automatic credit checks into the lease application.

On a daily operational level, property management software helps property pros to oversee all maintenance, run reports and run their business more effectively.


Property managers can build strong relationships with owners by enabling transparent, personalized communication through an owner portal. The portal can is accessible at any time to see real-time information about the daily operations of the owner’s properties.

One of the most common reasons for owners changing property companies is a lack of communication. A lack of updates makes owners question if the property firm is on top of their day-to-day activities.

An owner portal delivers a solid overview of the owner’s investments in your properties – the health of finances and operations, repairs and maintenance, access to legal documents and accounting reports – ensuring their investment is running smoothly and earning them a profit. It allows property management clients to instantly access important documents like financial statements and property inspection reports whenever and wherever they want.

This self-service is invaluable to owners, and also helps free up property managers, so they can concentrate less on work like pulling reports and more on offering up their expertise to owners. It also helps keep everything organized as owners and investors have a central platform on which they can manage all of their correspondence with the property managers.

How Property Vista Helps

Here at Property Vista, all our solutions are  built upon one very important philosophy; all of our property management software must be accessible to and benefit all of a property’s key stakeholders.

That’s why everything we do is designed to help property managers improve efficiencies while improving the various stakeholders’ experience. To learn more about our solutions for marketing, leasing, communication and operations, check out pricing and book a demo here.