How Property Vista Became the Top Canadian Property Management Software

The “secret sauce” that gives any property management company its edge is the ability to effectively manage their properties, collect rent on time, and keep costs low. And, that secret sauce is cloud-based property management software. Across Canada, more and more property organizations are turning to Property Vista as their Canadian property management software of choice. Let’s dive into key considerations when looking for a Canadian property management software solution.

Who Is Property Vista’s Property Management Software For?

Property Vista’s solution has been created by a team of experienced property management professionals. So, it’s specifically designed for property management organizations and landlords that oversee portfolios of properties – whether they are across a city, a region, or scattered throughout one or more provinces. Our property software can be leveraged in a variety of use cases, including multifamily rentals, student rentals, HOA/Condo Boards, and commercial properties.

What to Look For In a Top Property Management Solution?

We designed Property Vista for the next generation of successful property managers who understand that today’s tenants expect a simple, intuitive and frictionless experience. And your staff, vendors and partners all want that experience too. A top-rated Canadian property management software solution should include these time-saving features:
• Tenant Portal
• Online Payments
• Leasing & Applications
• Communication Tools
• Marketing Tools
• Legal Tools

Our solution’s Essential package, which starts at $1.40 per unit, per month, includes all of the above. For larger organizations with more complex needs we offer Premium and Enterprise packages, which include accounting, inspections, work order and purchase order tools.

How to Determine Which Software is Best?

With so many solutions on the market, how can you determine which software is the best choice for you?

Ratings & Customer Testimonials: Look for a stellar reputation in the property industry. Our property management platform is top-rated, with 5-star ratings both on Capterra and Software Advice. Look for testimonials and to see which other companies use the property management software. You’ll want to see that they have a robust client list of reputable firms. This means the software company has earned the trust of clients and is working to deliver results.

Ease of Use: Not all software solutions are intuitive. For your people and your tenants to quickly adopt the property management solution into their everyday routine, it needs to be so easy to use with no learning curves. Interfaces and dashboards must be easy to understand and use.
Data Security/Privacy: Ask about the backup and security measures to ensure that your data is kept both safe and private. Inquire about where servers are located, as you need to know that your data is always compliant with Canadian laws and requirements. Other things to look for: end-to-end encryption, multiple firewalls, secure access and remote site linking keeps sensitive data private and secure.
Better Collaboration: A company is only as good as its people, and how they work together. Property management software should enhance collaboration between teams and better coordination of tasks. Things like at-a-glance dashboards, digital records, communications tools, and anywhere/anytime access play a huge role in managing your business more efficiently and effectively.

The Ability to Scale: This is crucial for growing property firms. Look for property management software that allows you to scale up to the tools you need as your business grows. You might not need all modules at the beginning, but as your business grows, you can use them to automate and streamline complexity.

Proudly Canadian: Canadian property organizations want a Canadian property management solution that addresses their distinct needs and totally optimized for doing business in Canada. This is one of the many reasons why Property Vista is the best Canadian property management software. Our solution keeps you in compliance with privacy legislation and laws like PIPEDA (or the equivalent in BC, AB and QC) as well as CASL communication laws. And, we have Canadian forms, for example, Property Vista has developed a very sophisticated N4 automation form to help expedite evictions in a proper, by-the-book manner. Also, if you have tenants in Quebec or French-speaking tenants elsewhere, Property Vista has all the French marketing and operational materials you need, from resident brochures to communication templates.

Need more reasons to consider Property Vista for your organization? Talk to us, we can show you how we can help your business flourish.

About Property Vista

We’re what your renters expect. What a property management software platform should be. Instantly on. Super flexible. Brilliantly convenient. Completely integrated. All in one place. Whether it’s helping you to keep in-touch with residents or effortlessly coordinating maintenance, our Canadian property management software gives you all the tools you need to run and scale your business, and to optimize operations to increase revenues.