COVID-19 and Technology: Disruptions and Solutions

Covid-19 has completely reshaped the relationship between Property Managers, tenants, and technology. These times have accelerated the need for digital tools to manage the business and to communicate with tenants safely and effectively. 

Check out what we learned at last week’s Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations’ (CFAA) webinar on Covid-19 and Technology.


Social distancing and restricted access to property management offices has limited face-to-face communication between property management staff and tenants. Property Managers who had implemented a tenant portal prior to Covid-19 were already in a position to communicate with tenants quickly, effectively and safely. Listen to what Paul Smith, Chief Administrative Officer at DMS, had to say about Property Vista’s tenant portal.


Rent collection is crucial to the business. Covid has sparked uncertainty about tenants’ ability to pay rent. Having a tenant portal with different payment options and methods helps tenants find different ways to safely and securely pay rent based on their unique financial position. 


Leasing operations have been dramatically disrupted due to Covid. Closing of some offices and the inability to meet with prospective tenants directly makes it challenging to showcase units through conventional means. This has created an opportunity for property managers to implement digital leasing solutions that will ultimately continue to help their business post-Covid. More and more, tenants are expecting a digital experience as well.


Having the right data to drive business decision-making continues to be top of mind for Property Managers. A property management solution such as Property Vista provides detailed data to help organizations drive decision making in the right direction. This is what Paul Smith had to say about Property Vista data and reporting solutions.

In summary, as it relates to Covid and Property Vista’s solution, 

“The tenant portal has been a lifesaver for us”
-Paul Smith, DMS