Automating Your Property Management Workflow

For property managers to be able to run their business in real time they need to be able to automate. By harnessing automation technology for everyday workflows, property pros create efficiencies, eliminate redundancies, and organize multiple tasks. And the best thing? It puts hours back in their day so they can focus on showing properties or delivering superior customer service to tenants.

Let’s take a look at some typical daily tasks and how leveraging automation helps cut costs and improve your bottom line.


The more that property marketers can automate, the more efficient the marketing process. When ads are spread across multiple ILS, staying on top of updates can be both challenging and time-consuming. Automating your property management workflow makes it a snap to keep your listings current, which in turn helps improve turnover times. Just log in to upload and update photos, any info that’s changed and availability all in one place with a few simple clicks.


A work order management system can automate redundant work like generating POs from work orders, as well as matching invoices to POs to make sure there are no unauthorized charges.  Leverage the property management software to automate repair notices, post-repair follow-ups and maintenance satisfaction surveys. And it doesn’t stop there, as part of a tenant portal, you can automate responses to maintenance requests from tenants, and more easily track repair coordination.

Credit Checks

Reclaim your day with automated credit checks! Anytime you can streamline and automate a manual process, you also eliminate the chance of human error. When the lead-to-lease workflow is automated, property managers can be sure that all essential information is captured consistently and that all credit checks are executed in a uniform and unbiased manner. And, with less chance of errors or incomplete mandatory data, the result is a huge reduction in effort, admin time and back-and-forth with the potential tenant.

Lease Renewals

Are you still renewing leases manually? Getting your leasing cycle automated, organized and efficient is one of the greatest time-saving changes you make at your property management company. With automation, you can achieve two significant outcomes: firstly, you can positively impact retention rates, and secondly, by eliminating paperwork and face-to-face meetings you can drive down costs.

Rent Collection

Chasing down and then processing cheques is astoundingly costly. Instead, property pros can improve the collection workflow through ensuring that tenants set up pre-authorized payments including pre-authorized debit, pay via direct banking, credit card, debit card and EFT.

Electronic fund transfers only go through when the money is available, avoiding NSFs, and there’s no trip to the bank to deposit cheques. An added benefit of automating the rent collection process is that your accounting is automatically updated, boosting productivity.

How Property Vista Helps

At Property Vista, all our solutions are designed to help you automate your day, and along the way improve the leasing process while offering a better customer experience for your renters.

To learn more about our solutions for marketing, leasing, communication and operations, see our pricing and get a demo of our online property management software.