6 Steps to Capturing More Leads

To drive business forward, and ensure available units are rented quickly, property management leasing professionals need clear insight into their leasing funnel, and access to data. Unfortunately, too many property teams are mired in manual work and don’t have the tools to optimize and streamline the lead-to-lease pipeline.
If your leasing team is looking to up their game and capture more leads, here are six essential steps.

1. Know Your Marketing Channels

The ability to track prospects from the very top of the funnel to the bottom is fundamental to ensuring that more leads convert. Best-in-class lead management solutions can easily attribute the source of leads, so that you can invest in the channels that deliver quality leads and get rid of the ones that don’t. Another critical capability is being able to achieve detailed attribution with email- and call-tracking technology, so you can see which sources and ads are connecting with your target audience.

2. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Did you know that almost 50% of all leasing calls go unanswered? That’s half your pipeline gone, before you even started. Never let a lead fall through the cracks! Use auto-responders to confirm appointments, and let prospective residents know their message has been received.

Don’t stop there!  Continue to harness marketing automation and AI technology to communicate with leads effortlessly and effectively across marketing channels, including email, text, phone, and chat. For instance, our code-free AI chatbot can be set up in minutes with a few simple steps. No matter what time of day your prospect lands on your website, a chatbot can respond to inquiries, qualify leads, and book tours.

3. Enable Self-Service Scheduling

Prospects look for a new place to live at all hours of the day and night. When you allow them to book their own online tours, as well as in-person tours, you vastly increase a sense of commitment to your property and the likelihood of a lead turning into a lease. To capture more leaders, provide booking forms on your website so your prospects can schedule their own tours online.
With our LeadManaging solution, both GCal and Outlook Calendar integration is available. As well, the booking form only shows the available dates and times and automatically sends out email and SMS notifications. You’ll also receive appointment status updates via SMS or by email platforms like Outlook so your team can stay on top of every appointment effortlessly.

4. Create Better Leasing Experiences

At its very heart, the property management business is a customer experience business. When you can create a personable and customized leasing experience, you’ll get more leads through the door, and more leads to convert. From self-service bookings right through to online applications, with Property Vista you have all the tools to create personalized journeys. 

Tools like AI chatbots allow them to get answers right away, and self-service scheduling empowers prospects to take a tour of the available unit. As your potential renter moves from the top to the bottom of your funnel, technologies like online applications provide a frictionless and easy way to capture all information and move the prospect through the application process.

5. Stay on Top of Tasks

Things slip through the cracks when tasks and to-do lists are manual or paper-based. The key is to keep your leasing team’s tasks front and centre, all in one place. Digitizing and centralizing tasks is central to capturing and converting more leads. For instance, in our solution the To-Do list automatically populates critical leasing tasks so property teams can focus on conversions without getting lost in task management. A single consolidated task dashboard that automatically populates the prospects keeps your team on top of follow-ups and next steps.

6. Have One Version of the Truth

As with tasks, all information must be available online and in a centralized database. This gives you clear insight into which inquiries have been responded to, upcoming tours, application status and how many leads have converted to leases. LeadManaging is your one stop shop for all your leasing activities. Leads are automatically captured so you can easily pull them up, reply to them, book tours and log applications and leases. 

With a centralized database, you can gain access to real-time insights and see your prospect funnel. This allows you to dig deep into follow-ups, conversions, engagement, call logs, from an individual, building, or portfolio level.

How LeadManaging Helps

LeadManaging, powered by Property Vista, is your go-to multifamily lead management tool, serving as your one source of truth to create harmony between your staff, advertising, and lead communications. LeadManaging is optimizing the way property managers communicate with prospective renters to streamline the leasing sales funnel. Need to check on your KPIs, call analytics or cost per lead? With LeadManaging, you can pull real-time metrics your leadership teams need at a unit, building, or portfolio level. See pricing and book a demo here.