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May 08, 2018

Why You Should Use SEO and SEM to Market Your Property Online

You want your property website and your available units to rank well in the various search engines. So, where does your marketing budget go? SEO or SEM?

Smart property marketers use both SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) for optimum results. Together they work hand-in-glove, as SEO plays a vital part in helping your site appear in the “organic” (non-paid) search engine results and SEM ensures prime placement for specific keywords that you don’t rank for, organically. Both use keywords and both are aimed at sending traffic to your website.


SEO for Properties

SEO is the long game. It takes into account the content (and the keywords in that content) as well as other non-content related factors like mobile friendliness, site speed and how users interact with your site. It can often take months (and sometimes years) to build up the relevance of your site for keywords relating to your property location and attributes (e.g. three-bedroom apartment for rent in Etobicoke).


SEM for Properties

SEM (also called PPC or Pay Per Click) is the short-term game. It’s “speed to market” approach allows you to gain instant visibility for specific keyword phrases. You can have a PPC campaign up and running in mere minutes. And, unlike traditional advertising like radio or print, PPC sends only relevant keyword-related traffic to your site.


Why Use Both?

Maximum ROI: Leveraging both types of marketing channels allows for more exposure in the search engine results. Marketers are often tempted to lessen SEM campaigns once their website ranks well for a specific phrase. But, it’s essential to remember that paid listings appear at the top of the search results, and organic listings below that. When your site can appear in both the organic and paid search results, you significantly increase site visitors. A study by Nielsen Research reports that when a brand is shown in organic results only, it received 60% of clicks. Yet when a brand that has both organic and paid search results, it can attract 92% of total clicks.

More Intel: What works well in your paid listings often works well for SEO. Review which SEM ads get the best results and highest conversions and use that information to add an extra SEO boost to your page. You can apply the successful keywords to key locations like title tags, H1 tags and page content. Conversely, you can use your SEM ads to refine your organic keyword strategy by testing the conversion rate of SEO keywords in your PPC ads. If they don’t work, it’s time to switch gears and use other keywords.

Brand Awareness:  Marketers know that often a customer needs to have multiple exposures to a brand in order to start building trust. By taking advantage of the extended reach you can use this increased brand visibility to build trust with your potential renters. The extended brand visibility also reinforces credibility.


How Property Vista Helps

Make sure your company and property websites can be viewed on any device with our responsive template design, and use our professional SEM and SEO services to maximize your online reach. To learn more, get started here.

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