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Condo and HOA Property Management

The Difference Property Management Software Makes

Homeowner’s associations and condominiums can expect quality gains when switching to Property Vista.  Whether it amounts to keeping information secure but accessible, managing the company website, or keeping in-touch with residents on a day-to-day basis property management systems help property managers succeed by giving them more time.

Meet the high expectations condominiums and homeowner’s associations with automated maintenance responses and dispatching, to keep track of the ever-changing climate.  Centralize resident communications and concierge services to transparently and automatically record work orders.  Analyze your finances on any device, so you can keep abreast of any new developments. With these tools, your condominium or home-owners association can surpass its current level of excellence.

The Benefits for Homeowner Associations

  1. Communication Module
  2. Robust Reporting
  3. Document Storage

The Benefits for Condominium Property Managers

  1. Maintenance and repairs
  2. Vendor relations
  3. Online maketing
Maintenance and repairs
Automatically dispatch staff and eliminate the 20% of lost paper-based requests
Communications module
Schedule texts, emails and autodialer calls, follow-up with tenants for maintenance and easily print addressed mail notices and letters
In-suite tech (Coming soon)
Control security cameras, thermostats via Nest, building smart devices via iOS and tenants contact concierge/maintenance services via Amazon Alexa or Google Home
Work and purchase orders
1-2-3 system linking requests to orders keeps everything accountable, moving, efficient and transparent
Vendor relations
Centralized purchase orders and invoices to ensure prompt payments
Online marketing
Easy-to-use templates for company/property websites with built-in analytics
Robust reporting
Get a clear view of your business with real-time reporting on any device
Document storage
Easily search and retrieve important documents from a secure database
Jack Beaton Sterling Karamar, Property Management
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Property Vista Inspector app helps us to effectively manage all of our inspections.

What do you like the most about the software?

The app is very intuitive and ensures we do not miss any inspection