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June 23, 2016

Where’s Your FAQ? Let Customers Know You Have the Answers

Question: How can you make your website work better for you and your business?

Answer: By having a well-developed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.


FAQ offers a low-effort, high reward means of improving your website’s credibility, not to mention its Google ranking. But we’re not just talking about a quick, bare bones FAQ section that touches on your strong commitment to customer service. We mean a meaty section that users can really sink their virtual teeth into.

Why FAQ?

Benefits, benefits and more benefits. Here’s what a strong FAQ section can do for you:

Reduce customer service inquiries. With all the answers to their questions readily available on your website, existing and prospective residents can quickly find the information they need, whenever they need it. Not only does this improve customer service, it also cuts back on administration, saving you valuable time.

Set expectations and influence behaviour. The FAQ section is the perfect place to let residents know about your property’s rules and policies. By clearly outlining all regulations, you’ll be able to ensure transparency and reduce the risk of potential conflicts.

Establish trust and expertise. A solid FAQ shows that you’re committed to your customers and that you know your stuff. When customers visit your site, they usually have specific questions in mind about rent, amenities, etc. Providing them specific answers to their questions establishes you as a solution provider and a professional property management company they can trust.

Generate more leads. The questions people want answered in an FAQ section are the same questions they type into an online search. By answering those questions and including those terms in your FAQ, you’ll get higher SEO and website rankings, leading to more unique visitors – and more prospective residents.

Create more value. Expand on your questions and answers by creating short videos that offer additional insights about your property policies or property management services. This goes the extra mile in asserting your company as expert in the property management field, and also provides a handy follow-up for prospective residents or building owners who do reach out by phone for an initial conversation. Send them a link to a relevant video, cementing their impression of your company as a leader in the industry.

Improve staff training. With a set of great questions and answers about your property management company already in hand, why not use them as a resource for employee training? Your written FAQ section, as well as any short videos you create, can go a long way to helping staff understand what information customers seek and how your firm handles their queries.

How Should You Create Your FAQ Section?

 It’s simple and it goes a little something like this:

Brainstorm. Set aside a bit of time to reflect on what your prospective residents and current tenants are asking. Then write down their questions and come up with the answers. Ask your staff to contribute, as well. The great thing about an online FAQ section is that you can update the list as new questions arise.

Go to the source. Ask your renter what they’d like to know or what information they think is missing from your website. Send out an e-newsletter or feedback form, post a suggestion box or create an online survey on your website. As an added incentive, throw in a prize for the most useful question, like a gift certificate or discount on services.

Speak plainly. Don’t get caught up in tech-talk or corporate speak. Use layman’s terms and plain language to clearly communicate your message, in words your renters and prospects will understand and appreciate.

Be specific. People don’t visit FAQ sections to dig deep under general headers. They want to see the exact question they have in mind and be able to easily find the answer. So go with, “How can I update my rent payment information?” rather than, “Looking to learn more about online payments?”

An FAQ section is an underused but highly valuable tool for expanding your property management business.

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