February 25, 2016

What’s New in Multi-Residential Social Media Marketing

Social media is constantly evolving. It seems like there is a steady stream of new software, platforms and apps vying for your attention (and advertising dollars). We’ve cut through the clutter to explore five trends multi-residential property marketers should keep an eye on in 2016.

Newer Social Channels

Twitter and Facebook are still the mainstays of social media marketing, but more property managers are branching out to catch up with millennials and boomers where they play – YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Vine. But before you go signing up for your new Peach or Snapchat account, consider the strategy behind the tools. Use the tools that help you achieve your goals, whether that is brand building or better search engine rankings.


One of the biggest trends we’re seeing is more and more video being used. Socially savvy multifamily industry firms are using video clips for property overviews and unit walk-throughs. As well, emerging short-form video apps like Vine are being used to create excitement and interest in event promos, to spotlight an amenity upgrade (New lounge? Vine it!) and to stream short property/apartment teasers. Use an omnichannel approach. If you’ve posted your apartment walkthrough on YouTube, don’t forget to embed it in your website, push it out on Facebook and Twitter. One asset, multiple channels.

Social is the Customer Service Frontline

According to Twitter, during the past two years, they’ve seen a 2.5X increase in the number of Tweets to brands and their customer service usernames, as more and more customers turn to social media to resolve issues. Beyond solving immediate needs, this represents an opportunity for REITs and property management companies to gain brand awareness, showcase their properties and communities, and create moments to interact with their residents and potential residents.

Mobile is the Norm

Check out your Google Analytics, there’s a good chance that a very high percentage of your search traffic stems from a smartphone or tablet. Up until very recently, content and marketing strategies focused on the desktop user. This will need to change in 2016. Websites will need to be mobile compatible, and residents will want to use their phone to access rent payments, payment history and maintenance requests. Delivering an optimal experience in today’s market requires a mobile-first approach.

Mobile Messaging

Did you know that 95% of text messages are read within five minutes of receipt? SMS messaging is an excellent way of getting a message to existing residents, wherever they happen to be. In addition to rent reminders, you can send them notices of perks, contests and giveaways or new service bundles. As well, you can send prospects rental information like floor plans and unit photos, as well as move-in incentives.

Need help? Property Vista’s marketing modules require absolutely no coding or IT experience and you can update or customize your content anywhere, anytime from any browser-enabled device. From responsive, mobile-friendly websites to online applications, we have everything to help you drive your sales and marketing goals.

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