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March 12, 2013

Useful tools and websites for creating great property ads

Creating the right ad is vital for your rental property business to thrive. How soon your property is rented out and, maybe even more importantly, by whom, is exponentially dependent on how good your ad is. A sloppy ad will yield sloppy results and maybe even sloppy tenants. Good property ads will attract people who can appraise your property for its quality, and who will not be overwhelmed or scared away by requirements and conditions.

Nowadays, though still published on paper, ads are much more prominent online where there’s a whole range of specialized websites, aimed at different ‘audiences’ of renters – depending on the type of property. And not only are online ads important but a whole niche in the real estate market has developed around creating good ads online. Some of these tools and applications are entirely free for use, while others are paid. Within our own product range, for example, there’s WebVista – a completely free tool that will allow you to easily create professional lead-generating websites for your rental units – no matter if one or 10,000. No expert coding is required, you can feature images, video and detailed information about the property, and you can post updates in just a few minutes.

In the spirit of our own company policy, we have decided to present a few additional free tools that can help you devise the best ads for your property and thus increase the chance of attracting the best tenants.

  • Postlets

Postlets is a free real estate marketing tool for realtors and landlords. It creates an entirely separate website with its own URL for your property listing. The easy thing about Postlets is the fact that it offers a ready form which users only need to fill in with the relevant information. Furthermore, Postlets is integrated in a number of real estate and classified ads sites, and automatically posts users’ listings there. It also allows for listings to be shared on all the major social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It also generates an HTML code which can be posted on Craigslist and other similar sites. Postlets last 30 or 60 days, depending on whether they’re for sale or rental but all of them can be renewed indefinitely without you having to re-enter the information. Postlets also include: up to 25 good quality photos which you can upload, slideshows, themes for your listings page, video integration and others.

  • Placester
  • Placester is a real estate website builder. It’s a plugin for WordPress which allows you to create your own detailed listings website. Similarly to Postlets’ forms, Placester also offers different themes for your website, which can be customized with a logo or branding. The plugin is meant to improve lead generation for the website so that your listings get more exposure and, ultimately, more people interested in renting your property. Placester, too, is free, though it also offers an advanced version which is paid. Placester’s highlights are: the easy setup of listings pages and their easy addition to your website (information is not locked and can be exported any time), being able to customize the sidebar layout with the help of a few widgets, they are SEO (Search Engine Optimized) which makes them more easily found on Google and other search engines, and more. So if you already have a page for your listings but would like to optimize it, the Placester WP plugin is definitely a helpful tool for the purpose.

    • StreetAdvisor

    Though it’s neither a plugin, nor a tool, StreetAdvisor is a really useful website that gives you information and feedback about cities, neighborhoods and streets. It was founded in 2007 with the goal of creating a database of such reviews, so that people would know what the nuances and features of different locations were like. For example, what kinds of restaurants or schools are there in the area? What do locals think about it, etc?  As it is becoming increasingly popular, property managers as well as realtors or landlords can use the website to provide relevant information to potential tenants. Though it may sound a little far-fetched, it is definitely not a waste of time as people nowadays have developed the habit of doing research online before they make important decisions. Besides, the service is entirely free (though one can also advertise).

    The above 3 are of course not all the free tools that are available. There are others, like Trulia, for example. Making use of such tools is certainly helpful as not only are they free but they also offer an easy and accessible way to advertise your properties and create multi-page listings with nice, user-friendly designs.


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