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July 21, 2016

Top 5 Property Management Digital Tools

From web banking to restaurant reservations, the service industry has gone digital – and property management is no exception. Today’s renters demand more self-service and remote access so they can benefit from greater convenience and efficiency.

But tenants aren’t the only ones who stand to gain. With more automation and online services, property managers can put aside manual, paper-based work in favour of streamlined processes, improved productivity and reduced costs. What’s not to like?

Here are the top five property management tools that can help you embrace the digital world and all it has to offer:

1. Online Applications

The Number 1 place prospective tenants go when looking for a rental is the Internet. Why not meet them there? Having an online application tool offers a quick, convenient option for prospects who like what they see on your website. By giving them to option to apply right away, you’ll increase the odds of converting online visitors into residents. Online applications also ensure that you capture all the necessary information, saving time and reducing paperwork while providing a digital trail.

2. Automated Credit Check/Report

Automating credit checks goes a long way toward simplifying the application process and minimizing human error. With the right tool, you can be sure that all required data is captured consistently and all credit checks are performed the same way, every time. You’ll be in a better position to identify quality residents for your property, all while cutting back on admin time.

3. Maintenance Portal

Maintenance portals save time and money while ensuring a smoother process for property managers and renters alike. Having an online system makes it easier for you and residents to track work in progress and monitor the status of maintenance request. It also enables property management firms to identify patterns, so they can spot “problem properties” and determine what preventive maintenance work is in order. With a streamlined process for handling maintenance issues, you’ll also be able to reduce repetition, manual tasks and human error, while greatly improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

4. Web-Based Rent Payment

Modern-day renters want to make rent payments on their terms and on their schedules. By offering a range of online payment options, including credit cards, debit cards and e-transfers, you’ll keep existing residents happy while enticing new prospects. You’ll also increase the odds of receiving rent on time.

5. Communication Portal

Bulletin boards and paper flyers are quickly becoming relics of the rental world. They waste space and resources. They’re also inadequate for communicating time-sensitive issues. When unforeseen problems arise (such as a broken elevator), it’s important that you and your tenants be able to reach each other promptly. A communications portal allows for instant correspondence via email or text message. It also creates a reliable audit trail.

Property Vista provides all five of these tools as plug and play modules. Our technology and resources will set you up to offer residents the services they expect, while streamlining processes and cutting back on costs.

To learn more about how we can help you take your business further into the digital world, sign up for your free account today.

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