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February 14, 2018

Leave a Lasting Impression: Top 5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating a Property Website

A property website is arguably a property management firm’s most compelling marketing channel. Don’t let a subpar, out-of-date website waste your opportunity to make a positive impression on prospective renters (or current tenants, for that matter).

If you want your property website to help create a lasting relationship with your residents, here are the top five pitfalls to avoid:


Pitfall #1: Mobile-unfriendliness

Mobile Internet use has reached staggering heights. In fact, mobile use recently surpassed desktop visits – and that trend is expected to continue. When today’s renters do their online research, they rely on devices like smart phones and tablets. It’s essential that your website be mobile friendly so that residents, whether current or prospective, can find what they need on the device they prefer.


Pitfall #2: Slow response time

Website visitors put a premium on page loading time. Nearly half of users will move on from a website that takes more than three seconds to load. Not only that, but page loading time is a determining factor in your site’s search engine ranking. If you want potential renters to stick around for that second click, give them a reason: Show them you care enough to build a fast, effective website.


Pitfall #3: A bad image (or worse, no image at all)

Forget what your mother told you: Image DOES matter. The old adage “A picture is worth 1,000 words” didn’t stick around for nothing. Images make instant impressions and have the power to entice users to stick around longer – especially if they’re good. By including high-quality photos and video tours that highlight your building’s best features, you let visitors know that you’re proud of your image and you take good care of your property.


Pitfall #4: Withholding information

Your property website is not the place to be shy about your best attributes. Prospective renters need to know what you have to offer, and it goes far beyond rental rates. Make sure your site spells out your building’s amenities, like appliances, an onsite gym or free Wi-Fi. It’s also wise to identify neighbourhood perks. If your property is close to fun cafés, restaurants, parks or shopping malls, make that clear to users. And let them know how they can access nearby public transportation.


Pitfall #5: Internet un-savviness

If your website doesn’t feature online applications, you’re driving prospects right to your competitors. Enabling users to apply online is the best way to capture leads when they’re most interested. Online applications also save time and minimize errors by taking hand-written applications out of the equation. And you can combine online forms with an automated tenant credit check, and store applicant information for things like leasing forms and welcome letters, buying even more time if the prospect becomes a renter.

Avoid these five pitfalls, and your website will perform better, helping you attract the right renters and improve tenant relations.

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