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August 14, 2018

Toolbox Essentials: Must-Haves for Mobile Property Management

There’s no doubt that you’ve used your mobile phone sometime today. You texted your kids, or quickly googled something. So why is it that so many property management folks are tethered to their desk?

The Harvard Business Review reports that employees are more motivated and engaged when they can have a say in how and when they work. The ability to have in- and out-of-the-office mobility greatly boosted employee satisfaction. The article outlines how a large commercial real estate services firm replace assigned offices and desks with collaboration rooms, comfy couches, and acoustically-treated, single-person glass enclaves.  They further promoted out-of-office mobility and flexibility by equipping employees with mobile technology and digitizing paper-based documents. By allowing their employees to work in a whole new way, the real estate company has also increased productivity.

Think about your people – from property managers to the IT and marketing team – what kind of difference-maker would it be if everyone were more engaged and more productive?


Mobile Property Management Musts

If the idea of teams that can get more done, be more efficient and happier appeals —and, honestly, how can it not — here are some use cases and how mobility can help your firm.

Mobility for Maintenance Teams

Even with a designated maintenance manager, synchronizing multiple sites and work orders with equipment and staff can be complex. An online portal delivers three key things:

  1. Increased visibility so that no maintenance request falls through the cracks.
  2. Better coordination between the property management company and third-party vendors or in-house maintenance crews.
  3. More accountability, as, upon completion, tenants can rate the service they received, giving managers immediate feedback on how maintenance workers are performing and allowing you to address any issues immediately.

Mobility for Property Managers

By offering mobile-friendly website applications, your property managers can work on the go, whenever they need to and from wherever their jobs take them. You can enable property managers to work from anywhere, from spending more face-to-face time with tenants or showing available units. And that prospect that wants to schedule an appointment in the next hour? No problem. You can always reach your showing agent. By using a mobile property management tool that includes online applications and tenant screening, your agent can easily walk the prospect through the application on the spot, quickly filling up any vacancies with qualified tenants. Whichever way you look at it, that approach creates a win-win scenario for employees and customers alike.

Mobility for All Employees

The ability to access and work digitally improves collaboration between all staff members, wherever they may be – on site at the property, on their way to work, at the office, or working remotely from the home office. Teams may be scattered across multiple locations, but they can still coordinate tasks, access reports and do the work that makes a difference. Better collaboration improves productivity and reduces costs.

Mobility for Tenants

As professional and courteous as your property managers may be, sometimes tenants simply want to text you that a light bulb has blown in the hallway. Let’s face it – having tenants go downstairs to the office every time or get on the phone every time they need to request a repair or change the way they pay for their rent can be a hassle they may want to avoid.

Mobility for Owners

It’s not just staff and tenants that want to reach you easily and conveniently. Property managers serve the interests of building owners. When you company has the ability to be fully mobile, it means that owners can access vital reports in an instant, and stay on top of the running of their buildings. They can access inspection reports, look at financial statements and work orders. It gives them peace of mind, and reduces calls and emails to managers.

Mobility for the Bottom Line

One of the best ways to streamline your workflow and increase efficiency is to move to a digital environment. This way documents, reports and information can be accessed anytime on any device. Be removing the burden of paperwork, you are reducing the likelihood of human error. It means that more tasks can be automated, and your people can get more done. Automation drives down costs and accelerates productivity.


How Property Vista Helps

Property Vista provides the tools and technology you need to keep your business competitive and cost-effective. Our modular solutions enable you to choose the services you need, when you need them. By automating many of your property management processes and offering online rental lease agreements, you’ll save valuable time and resources. You’ll also ensure that all rental units are occupied and rent is paid on time. We offer real-time reporting and enhanced business security.

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