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May 02, 2018

The Benefits of Using a Property Inspection App

Performing a property inspection is a necessary evil for property managers. As your only way to properly monitor the condition of your units, inspections are too important to skip. Yet they often bog down your team with stacks of paperwork, not to mention those extra trips into the office. All of that is a big burden for companies with a million other things to worry about.

But what if there were a way to offset the darker side of property inspections? What if you could trade in the pen-and-paper approach for a digital, on-the-go inspection that can transform the way you do business?

Forward-thinking firms are turning to property inspection apps to help streamline and improve the way they inspect their rental units. Consider the benefits:

Everything in one place. Mobile inspections offer more than just convenience. By consolidating everything in one digital location, they provide you with stellar protection, as well as peace of mind. With a property inspection app, you have a record of all interactions between tenants and maintenance vendors, ensuring that nothing is amiss – or goes missing. And you won’t have to worry about securing a physical storage space. Instead, you and your team will be able to access information on the go, from the mobile device of your choice.

Regular, consistent inspections. In addition to helping you conduct inspections, mobile apps are a great scheduling tool. Use them to set reminders for inspections and regular maintenance, so you can ensure a consistent schedule that leaves no units unchecked. Choose a property inspection app that is fully customizable, and works well with inspections for preventative maintenance and maintenance requests, as well as fire, safety and due diligence checks.

Faster, easier process. Property inspection apps enable you and your team to submit work orders directly from your units. You can take photos and immediately upload them with any notes, saving time and cutting back on paperwork. The end result is a more efficient and effective system that frees up valuable personnel hours.

On-the-spot reports. In addition to creating work orders, property managers, landlords and other in-the-field staff can also generate reports on the spot, through their smartphones or tablets. They can submit and access reports from anywhere at anytime, making it easy for local personnel and regional managers alike to keep tabs on how repairs are progressing.

Everyone on the same page. Mobile inspections mean you can secure agreements in real time. Walk your tenants through move-in or move-out inspections and get instant sign-off. You can also discuss any issues and document them right then and there, reducing discrepancies and disagreements later on.

How Property Vista Helps

Property Vista’s mobile inspection tool enables you to conveniently perform all types of inspections using any mobile device. It helps you take better care of your property, with less time and effort. Learn More.

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