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May 16, 2012

Handling Property Maintenance Requests

As property managers, we know that having happy residents is key to keeping units filled and rent paid. But, when something goes wrong in their home, tenants can become quickly dissatisfied if they feel that their property maintenance requests are not handled well.

Property managers not only need to ensure that requests are met quickly, but that maintenance is managed efficiently. Coordinating multiple sites, equipment and staff, using contractors and sche

duling the work orders can all effect your operating budget and your tenant’s satisfaction. In addition, you need to be informed of the status of the request at any given moment and be equipped with monthly reports. Those are a lot of balls to keep in the air!

Make your tenant maintenance requests super-easy with PortalVista. Electronic maint

enance requests streamlines the workflow, letting both tenants and management see the status and details of the ticket in real-time.

Through PortalVista, you can respond to tenants’ requests, and they can see the status of the issue and when the repair is scheduled. Upon completion, tenants can rate the service they received, giving you immediate feedback on how your team is performing and allowing you to address any lingering issues immediately.

PortalVista also allows tenants to submit their requests online through the web or from a mobile device, giving them the flexibility of reaching out to you on their own terms. From the mobile phone app, they can opt “Maintenance” from their dashboard.

Then easily fill out the form, even upload a photo and with a click submit the request ticket.

With PortalVista, you can manage equipment and preventative maintenance, let tenants know about upcoming scheduled work, and monitor work in progress. This powerful software can improve the efficiency of your maintenance operations, reduce costs and produce monthly reports on operations. PortalVista will help you to address maintenance needs faster and improve your tenant communications. The software is scalable and can be easily and painlessly implemented across multiple properties.

Sound intriguing? Watch this video to learn more about PortalVista:

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