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March 28, 2012

Spotlight On: Online Tenant Applications

Earlier this month, it was reported that Canadians generate more internet traffic per capita than any other nation including highly wired societies such as China, South Korea and the United States. The average Canadian spends about 45 hours a month browsing the Internet, according to new figures from ComScore Inc.

By the end of 2012, it’s predicted that the majority of Canadians will own a smartphone. In such a super-connected society, consumer (and tenant) needs have changed. It’s time for property management companies to serve to this market on their own terms.

One of the obvious places to start is with the paper dinosaur: the tenant application. Online applications improve customer service and reduce administrative headaches.

That’s where Property Vista’s online application solution, Apply Vista, truly delivers. It makes online applications a snap.

The applicant can start the application together with the leasing agent, and finish it when they have all their financial or guarantor information. Or, if the prospective tenant likes the apartment/unit information online, they can complete it on their own directly from the property’s website, without the aid of a property manager or representative.

Whichever way the application is completed, the benefits are clear.

Online applications ensure:
Your Leasing Office Is Open 24/7: There is no more lost time due to weekends or 9-to-5 office hours.
No More Missing Information: Application fields can be marked as required, to force the input of needed details.
No More Waiting for Approvals: With automate approval and credit check integration, property managers get intelligent credit check protocols to reduce the risk of a poor choice.
Faster Move-In: Ensuring required information and speeding up the approval time means less vacancy time. Good for you and great for the tenant!

With Apply Vista, you can even list additional amenities and options that the prospective tenant might want to take advantage of.

Of course, Property Vista’s automated application delivers all of the above, and is integrated with Equifax, Canada’s global leader in credit information solutions. Take a look at Property Vista’s at-a-glance credit summary:

It’s easy to understand, and easy to use. And, it can be completely customized to requirements that you set.

Interested in reducing vacancies in your buildings? Check out our suite of SaaS property management solutions.



  1. 1 Sundar said at 8:32 am on June 9th, 2012:

    Get a credit report. See if they pay their other bills on time. See if there are any judgements against them on their credit report. Call their current landlord. Also call their FORMER landlord (not the place they’re moving out of now, but the one before that). The current landlord might lie and say they’re great tenants, just to get them out of his place it’s been known to happen. The former landlord will have no incentive to tell you anything but the truth. Oh, and when you make those calls, don’t just take their word for it that their landlord is who they say. Check the real estate records and make sure the names match up. The tenant might lie, too it’s been known to happen as well.

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