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Last Updated: August 31, 2018

What’s the deal with evictions in Quebec?

In Quebec the term “eviction” refers solely to cases of restructuring, renovating or repurposing.  Kicking out tenants for bad behaviour is termed “Resiliation.”

Before leases can be terminated, the landlord is responsible for negotiating (or renegotiating) the terms of the lease or terminating the lease.  Otherwise,it is automatically renewed as long as the tenant maintains their obligations.

Landlords may use regulation in cases where rent is not paid or where the rules of the lease are disrespected.

What are some reasons I can evict someone in Quebec?

  • Disturbing the everyday enjoyment of other tenants
  • Damaging property due to violating tenant obligations
  • Delayed rent payment (of three weeks)  

What’s the deal with Security Deposit or Last Months Rent laws in Quebec?

Quebec legislation does not allow for Security Deposits or  Last Months Rent deposits. Landlords are specifically forbidden from accepting more than one month’s rent at a time



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