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June 16, 2016

Remarketing 101: Put Your Property Front and Centre – Onscreen and In the Marketplace

Google AdWords is transforming the way online marketing works. For property management firms, the potential is huge for reaching select audiences and leaving a lasting (positive!) impression.

One of the newer trends to emerge over the last few years is remarketing. Remarketing enables you to target visitors to your website who may not have followed up by completing an enquiry form or scheduling a viewing. When they leave your site, you can reconnect by showing them tailored ads when they browse the web, search on Google or use mobile apps.

What does this mean for property management companies? Two things. You can target prospective tenants who visit your rental availabilities pages. And you can target building owners who have visited your property management services page.


How It Works and How You Can Work It

When a user who meets the right criteria visits your website, a cookie will be placed on their device. That cookie ID will be added to your remarketing list, and everyone on that list will receive your targeted ads on their devices.

You can have multiple lists with a range of criteria. For example, one for prospective renters, another for potential property management services customers.

So how do you determine what criteria to use, which visitors to target?

First, conduct a basic brainstorming session. Write down all actions taken by users on your site – which sections they visit and what steps they take next. Then identify which actions you should create unique ads for. Maybe you’re interested in targeting visitors who click on a particular page or section of your site but don’t complete an enquiry form.

Once you know which criteria you want to target, create remarketing lists that capture these individual groups. Then develop ads that will speak to these visitors, using messages that will hit home. Keep in mind that remarketing ads can feature text, images or both.

Make sure your ads are highly relevant to what visitors are seeking. For prospective residents, you could highlight your prime location; you may want to include an extra incentive, like offering a discount on certain services or first month’s rent. For building owners, emphasize your exceptional property management team and commitment to customer service.


The Nitty Gritty

Remarketing is managed through Google AdWords, so you can easily monitor outcomes through normal conversion tracking. If you already use Google Analytics, remarketing is simple to add and can promptly improve the performance of your advertising campaign.

Remarketing comes with certain controls, including time limits on how long a cookie ID stays on your remarketing list and impression caps on how many ads per day appear on any one device. Certain websites have the ability to block ads, so remarketing only works on sites that accept Google advertising placements.

There is also a minimum threshold of 100 cookie IDs per remarketing list before a campaign can become active.


Making it Click: The Key(strokes) to Successful Remarketing

Remarketing is a remarkable tool. It has the potential to raise online awareness of your brand in the short term and long term, helping you stake your claim in the marketplace.

With the right remarketing strategy, you can connect with new prospects, drive sales and see an increase on ROI.

To learn more about Property Vista’s suite of marketing tools and how they can help improve sales conversions, sign up for your free account today.

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