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November 15, 2013

Property Vista Offers No-Cost Tenant Portal to Property Managers

Toronto, CANADA – November 4, 2013Property Vista Software Inc., a leader in online property management software, today announced its newly launched portal, myCOMMUNITY. The free Internet-based portal, which is already earning positive reviews from both property management companies and renters, helps property management teams build stronger relations with tenants. It also empowers tenants to manage their accounts online and take advantage of self-service options and built-in group discounts.

“At Greenwin, we concentrate on delivering shared value for clients and residents, so we are pleased to offer our residents a truly beneficial solution that they are really thrilled about. As well, we’ve been able to use myCOMMUNITY to enhance our customer service with anytime, anywhere communication,” said Kris Boyce, CEO of Greenwin Inc. “Because it is Internet-based, tenants can communicate with us whenever it is convenient for them, as well as access all their statements in one central location. They also really love the ability to leverage group buying power for tenant insurance and local deals.”

Tenants are also endorsing the myCOMMUNITY portal.

“I use it every month for paying the rent, which is a huge advantage,” says Duncan McAllister, a resident at one of Greenwin’s properties. “I can do a direct deposit right from my bank account and I can’t say enough how convenient that is. I pay all my other bills on the Internet, so it’s nice to be able to pay my rent that way too.”

Another resident of the building, Raymundo Pavan, agrees. “I like the fact that I can check my status with my landlord at any moment. I know if the payment is processed, received and everything is under control.”

The myCOMMUNITY portal delivers several key benefits:

  • Reduced operational costs – Cheques are a thing of the past; they are expensive to process and they can get lost, stolen or crumpled. In addition to making the process of paying rent simple, safe, secure and very, very fast, myCOMMUNITY saves property managers valuable time. Landlords and managers can focus on more important activities instead of the labour-intensive process of collecting paper cheques.
  • Secure rent payment options – Tenants now have the ability to pay their rent more conveniently and more securely through multiple methods – credit card, debit card and e-cheque. The best part? Funds are available almost immediately, improving cash flow.
  • Increased tenant satisfaction – The myCOMMUNITY portal allows tenants to update their information, review their payment statements, and access services and deals – whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.
  • More efficient maintenance requests– Traditionally, tenants have had to place a maintenance call with the property manager during office hours in order to report non-urgent repair needs. Now requests can be made through myCOMMUNITY, where it can be read by all parties – the property manager as well as the maintenance contractor. It streamlines operations and improves the speed of service calls.
  • Discounted tenant insurance – The portal makes getting insurance coverage easier than ever. Tenants can take advantage of great value-for-money rates that are based on group volume discounts. With better rates, property managers can ensure that tenants are adequately covered.
  • Tenant pleasing perks – As well, the myCOMMUNITY portal offers great discounts, deals and rewards from local merchants and companies, who are looking to acquire new customers. Property managers can benefit as these great membership perks help differentiate their properties.

“Sterling Karamar prides itself on staying on top of the latest industry and technology trends,” stated Marshall Bleiweis, President and CEO of Sterling Karamar Property Management. “What our tenants want is a way to take care of their own maintenance requests that doesn’t involve picking up the phone. The myCOMMUNITY portal is another way that we can continue to deliver great customer service and keep building maintenance to the highest possible standards.”


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