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November 03, 2016

Property Vista: Nous Parlons Français!

Property Vista’s suite of property management software is now available in French


Toronto, Ont., October 27, 2016 — Property Vista, a leader in online property management software, has released the French language version of its property management software solutions. Responding to market need within Canada as well as globally, Property Vista has delivered on its commitment to provide leading property management solutions in multiple languages.


“We want to continue to create customer-centric solutions,” says Leonard Drimmer, Property Vista founder and CEO. “By offering French software to our valued customers, we can improve the ease of communication for a greater number of people while increasing our presence in the francophone market.”


Property Vista’s web-based suite of solutions is designed by — and for — property management professionals. It removes many of the daily hassles of property operations, helping REITs, property management firms and landlords to improve customer service and streamline their operations.


With its new French edition, Property Vista will meet the need for French language cloud-based property management systems among francophones in Quebec, throughout Canada and across the globe. More than just a simple translation, this new capability features industry-specific French terminology. The version also retains all of the product excellence that makes Property Vista an industry leader in property management.


Cost-effective and flexible, the Property Vista platform is offered in a modular format that enables customers to choose the solutions they need, when they need them. This allows smaller property portfolios to be run more cost effectively, while allowing larger holdings to capitalize on the complexity of a fully integrated SaaS-based solution.

About Property Vista Software Inc.

Property Vista provides cloud-based property management software that delivers unmatched CRM capabilities. Their customers — comprised of property managers with anywhere from one to 500 units, as well as REITS and larger property and condo management firms — benefit from easy-to-use, scalable, customizable solutions that help streamline their operations. Partners and suppliers include world-class financial processing leaders, such as Equifax Canada.

With Property Vista, property management professionals can access the data they require to make better decisions and implement change, all while running well-managed buildings and fully satisfying their residents.

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