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July 18, 2015

Property Vista New Version Release – July 2015

Toronto, Ontario, Canada. July 30, 2015 — PropertyVista announced today the availability of its newest version release. This latest platform update includes the integration of a brand new module, as well as significant enhancements to previously released functionality.

The introduction of a new Communications Module is the biggest addition in this release. Through this fully customizable tool, customers will be able to interact with all building residents via multiple communication channels such as email, text and Integrated Voice Recordings (IVR), while still maintaining full CASL compliance.

The new communications module also includes an easy to use scheduler, allowing customers to pre-set campaign content and schedule automated communications delivery with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly flexibility.  The new module also allows for both one-to-one and bulk communications as well as dispatching and ticketing.

Customer Support functionality has also been dramatically updated with the availability of a new web based support repository, which includes new advanced search and ticketing capabilities.

Other enhancements to the platform include updates to Pro-Rates, Concessions, Flow Improvement and Approval Checklists.

About Property Vista’s Property Management Software

Web based and simple-to-use, Property Vista is a web-based Property Management Software that offers a suite of online tools designed for landlords and property managers who understand the importance of reducing vacancies, cutting risk and improving cash-flow through strong tenant relations.

The Property Vista platform is offered in a modular format allowing customers to choose the services they need, when they need them. This allows smaller property portfolio’s to be run more cost effectively, while allowing larger holdings to capitalize on the complexity of a fully integrated SaaS based solution.

For managers not running a fully integrated property management solution, there’s no doubt they’re experiencing issues that can be addressed to help them get even better at what they do…managing tasks and managing people, both key focal points of our vast expertise.

Property Vista provides both the data needed to make better decisions and the tools necessary to implement change. Simultaneously creating well managed buildings and fully serviced residents.

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