Our resident portal has been branded “myCOMMUNITY”. And for a good reason!

We understand that building a community is more than just launching a website. With myCOMMUNITY, residents will participate in the community as much as, if not more than, management. This helps make the building feel more like home for everyone who lives there. The result? Residents stay longer, do more self-servicing, and contribute to help make the building run more efficiently and effectively.

myCOMMUNITY’s goal is to make each resident’s life easier, more convenient and much more enjoyable.

Driving User Adoption

[lead customcolor=”#ffffff” position=”text-center”]Just like a building gets larger and stronger with every brick, myCOMMUNITY becomes a larger, stronger program with the addition of each resident. To explain, accelerate and drive the adoption of myCOMMUNITY by your residents, we have built and deployed marketing communications content as well as a turnkey online system to help you manage this process. With the myCOMMUNITY program, you have proprietary access to a complete program that has been proven to drive industry-leading adoption rates.[/lead]