Our marketing modules require absolutely no coding or IT experience and you can update or customize your content anywhere, anytime from any browser-enabled device.

Marketing services include:

All of our websites are fully responsive to fit on mobile devices so no matter where your prospects are, they can accurately and easily view all your information. Our websites are tailored to property management functions. You can search for availability globally, feature properties, highlight your company through all of your managed buildings, and more.
Custom build or choose from a variety of pre-built templates. You can update pages, add pages, create blog content and connect all your social networks, all from one browser interface. Plus, with built-in Google Analytics you can easily see which referrers are bringing you more leads and which pages get more conversions. Your building/complex has a target market: make sure your website speaks to that market. From floorplans to online appointment bookings, to online applications and resident portals, your property website has never looked this good.
Our Internet Listing Services (ILS) integration allows you to automate all of your online marketing with real-time feeds to all major Internet Listing Services. You can easily remove leased units and make any changes to unit information through a single screen. You can also run bulk updates on all major Internet Listing Services with a single click. Having to update your rent or availability manually is a thing of the past.
Our resident application module shortens the time between “prospect” and “no vacancy”. With the click of a button, interested prospects can book an appointment to see the property. Or, if they are already sold, click the “Apply Now” button to immediately start the application process. Fully legally compliant, capture digital signatures and customize your own legal wording to ensure the application meets your needs.
Every year we help market thousands of properties online. We understand how to best structure your content for the best search results. Our pro SEM and SEO services give you that extra turbo boost to market your properties online.

With our online leasing module, every step of the leasing process is streamlined to help you close new business faster.

Our leasing module guides prospective residents and co-signers through the application process, quickly and easily, which dramatically reduces the time from resident application to resident approval.

You can also view all of your leasing data and reports from any Internet-enabled device.

Leasing services include:

No more manual data entry and subsequent human error. Prospective residents can now enter all the required information online and can easily upload any necessary legal documents, proof of income, etc. It’s also easy to add on co-signer and guarantor fields. You can also capture lease e-signatures and eliminate the faxing of seemingly endless paperwork back and forth. Resident information is seamlessly integrated into guest cards, leasing forms and welcome letters, saving hours of administrative time per lease.
It’s never been easier to keep track of and follow up on all your prospects and leads. With our Lead Management module, leads are automatically captured directly from the source and seamlessly integrated into CRM dashboards and reporting.
We have teamed up with Equifax to deliver intelligent and leading-edge credit check protocols to reduce the risk of a poor resident choice. All applicants, co-applicants and guarantors are analyzed so you can make confident leasing decisions. Our platform screens your prospective residents in a matter of seconds. So you get paid faster and fill your units sooner!
We have also automated the approvals process to give you an algorithmic-based recommendation to approve or decline applications. The result? You’ll fill vacancies sooner and better yet, without the back-and-forth of faxes and tedious follow-ups. This helps eliminate costly human errors and time-consuming paperwork. No more guessing about whether the applicant is a strong enough choice. Our system analyzes all information provided about the prospective candidate using state-of-the-art analysis. We are not just looking at the “score” — instead, we analyze everything from the applicant’s income, debt, revolving debt, required rent, and 30+ other points to ensure that the prospect is the right fit for your community.

Give your residents the powerful self-service online tools they want and now expect.

Our resident portal allows residents to update their account information, pay rent, schedule maintenance requests, secure insurance coverage and communicate more effectively with your staff.

Residents also have full access to all of this via any mobile device, helping them manage their daily responsibilities more effectively.

Resident services include:

Your residents can choose direct withdrawal, direct online payment, debit or even Visa and MasterCard payment methods. They will appreciate the convenience and you’ll appreciate your improved cash flow. The resident portal even accommodates different state/provincial rules concerning security deposits and last month’s rent payments. It’s also fully secure.
Our resident insurance integration makes enrollment easy and cost effective for everyone. With access to real-time status on all resident policies, you’ll know exactly which residents have coverage, who has terminated their policy and whose policies are about to expire. Our integrated portal also allows you to monitor policies by other providers and request policy updates directly from residents.
Residents today don’t want to have to call or come “downstairs” every time they want to submit a maintenance request. With our automated dispatch, built-in escalation system and follow-up notices, maintenance requests never slip through the cracks. Your property staff has a centralized location to track and monitor all activity and manage resident communications.
Communication is the focal point for improving your customers’ experiences and ensuring positive reputation management. Through the Message Center, you can easily communicate with all prospective and current residents.

  • Broadcast messages quickly by filtering through the audiences you want to connect with.
  • Message one-to-one or one-to-many while ensuring you remain compliant with all Anti-Spam Legislation (including C-ASL).
  • Use SMS or text messages to reach your residents and prospects on their mobile devices.
  • Use Auto Dialers to share information.
  • Track all communications accurately in your residents’ digital files.
  • Manage postal mail from the system as well, including creating letters, automatically printing, stuffing and sending, combined with a digital copy in the tenant’s file.

Through our unique Perks Program, residents have access to a wide variety of great offers, making the communities they live in stronger and even more connected, and helping them get more out of their everyday lives.

As the saying goes, you can only really manage what you can actually measure.

With flexible dashboard reporting, you have real-time access to the important information about your properties and your residents.

From simple, easy-to-understand dashboard style snapshots to more complex, detailed reports, we give you a fully integrated and transparent view of your entire business.

Management Services include:

Highly configurable, the intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to set up personalized KPI dashboards with intelligent tables, charts and graphs. From real-time comparisons to complete life-cycle comparison, you get the property management reporting tools you need to get a complete financial picture of your portfolios and properties. The built-in flexible permissions feature also means that you can give the right information to the right people when they need it. This will lead to better decision-making and positive improvements to your organization’s overall performance.
Easily access reports by property, complex, manager, portfolio or region. From big-picture property-wide business insights to details about a specific building, you can get at-a-glance information about vacancies, revenues, marketing and all other property management functions. The built-in flexible permissions feature also means that you can give the right information to the right people when they need it. Your property personnel can share out-of-the-box or customized reports and collaborate with other team members, all safely controlled within their assigned security parameters.
Easily manage all aspects of the lease through our fully encompassing management system.

  • Lead Creation
    • Manage all your leads from the beginning of the lease until the end.
  • Application Creation
    • Manage online and offline applications and processing to ensure quick turnaround and help you secure better tenants
  • Lease Approvals
    • Take the guesswork out of the equation. Our credit check and scoring system gives you data to support your choice of tenant/resident, helping reduce risks
  • Move-In/Move-Out
    • Manage the moving flow easily through our system and ensure that all pre-established criteria for Move-in and Move-out meet your satisfaction
  • Billing and Collections
    • Automatically create bills for rent due and make it easy to collect them through the resident portal or via manual payments. All data is kept up to date in real-time, making it easier than ever to remind residents about any overdue payments.
  • Lease Renewals
    • Manage all aspects of the lease renewal process to ensure you maximize the total potential rent and avoid missing any lease renewals.

Quickly and effectively see who owes what and for how long. Filter residents and ensure that any tenants that owe money have been contacted. All rent arrears are real-time and can be seen by every employee from any device.

Take advantage of offering every payment option available to ensure residents can use their preferred payment method.

Ensure you manage any bad residents quickly and effectively. You can manage every step of the legal and collection cycle from the first notice to the eviction notice, right through to any sheriff and/or court dates. All legal and collection data resides in one convenient place. (For Canada: most provincial forms have already been pre-loaded)
Team members can log in from wherever they are, on the road, in the office or at home to access their personalized dashboards. Allow them to respond to issues faster and work smarter to keep your residents satisfied and fully serviced.
You no longer need to manage deposits from one central account to various building accounts. Automation ensures all of the deposits go directly and automatically into the correct account.

Communicate easily and more effectively with both prospective and current residents.

Communicate with prospects or current residents the way you want! All of today’s popular formats are available, including email, text and voice.

Our communications module allows you to manage your communications activities efficiently, giving you access to everything from large quantity, broadcast templates to simple one-time communications.

Communications Services include:

Highlight building or community events with ease by showcasing them directly on the resident portal for all residents to see.
Send alerts to residents with ease, highlighting special events such as pool maintenance or elevator services.
Gone are the days of posting notices in the lobby or on every floor. Push notices directly to all residents through various communication channels to ensure they are aware of upcoming activities.
Short Messaging Services (SMS) have a proven record of being seen/opened more than any other communication channel. Ensure you reach your residents the way they want to be reached. By using SMS, you can improve your collection rates, improve customer satisfaction (by sending a follow-up SMS after maintenance requests), or by staying connected with your residents.
Now, emails can be tracked easily and attached to the resident’s digital file. Using the Message Center, you can email your residents and alert them via one simple step. This ensures messages are delivered to the right person.
Automated phone dialers are a great way to reach residents that do not have an email address or mobile phone on record. Reach all residents in the event of an emergency or when you just want to wish them Happy Birthday! Automated phone dialers have endless uses and will improve resident satisfaction.
We are very serious when it comes to complying with all privacy and spam legislation. A thorough legal review of all communications processes has been done to ensure that all communications adhere to and comply with Anti-Spam laws.

We’re here to support all your operational needs and ensure you’re successful at using and maximizing your use of our platform.

Each one of our customers is assigned an experienced project manager to act as your single-point of contact during the implementation process and to provide step-by-step assistance during your use of our platform.

Quality assurance services include:

Each individual customer receives a best-in-class implementation experience that is focused around one-to-one support engagement and following a clear project implementation plan. Implementation is designed to be fast and simple and includes complete set-up and operational documentation.
Our open APIs make integration with your current data systems quick and seamless to keep your data safe and secure. We easily integrate with many of your related operational systems including:

  • Yardi – Voyager (all versions)
  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • Custom APIs available

We use all the latest and relevant security technologies, including PCI compliance, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and end-to-end encryption, so sensitive resident credit information is always secure. Our hosting environments include:

  • State-of-the-art fire suppression system (FM 200)
  • Independent climate control
  • 3-Phase Backup UPS
  • Generator for continuous backup power
  • Secure, electronic access
  • Closed circuit video surveillance
  • Redundant fiber links to multiple Tier-1 providers
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Seismically braced server racks
  • Servers are physically in Canada to comply with all applicable privacy laws (FOR CANADIAN CUSTOMERS)

Compliance is a permanent and integral part of our business processes. We focus on continuously improving and adapting to meet today’s ever-changing business environment. Compliance activities include:

  • PCI Compliance
  • Real-time, centralized processing and remote site linking
  • 128-bit encryption over the Internet
  • Multiple firewalls
  • On-premises security personnel
  • Continuous video surveillance
  • Electronic screening to enter data centers
  • Primary and secondary servers for full disaster recovery

Our network is monitored around the clock to ensure any unforeseen events do not occur. Monitoring activities include:

  • External audits and scans
  • Weekly server maintenance
  • Around-the-clock monitoring of server operation
  • Battery backups and a fully automatic fail-over standby generator to ensure uninterrupted performance in the event of a power failure

Product training is available via several methods. Many of our modules have the “walk-me” pop-up overlay systems in place, giving you a guided tour through each step of a module’s process. Video- and webinar-based training is also available via our website. Customized on-site training services can also be arranged.