Most of today’s property management companies still follow an old, antiquated process to get their daily work activities completed.
Having staff undertake manual processes a few hours each day, entering data into one or more systems, over and over, week by week, without change.

This is not the way to run an efficient, productive or profitable business.

With the PropertyVista platform as the basis of your operations, most (if not all) of this manual work can be transitioned to fully automated processes. Cutting down the steps needed for each task from many to few. Cutting down the time needed to complete the work from days to minutes. Cutting down operational expenses from high to low.

Saving you time. Saving you money. Resulting in a better bottom line for your business.

To be truly efficient, you should be doing all of the following:

  • Moving your processes from mail-based to email-based, including resident and vendor communications
  • Automating the posting of vacant units to hundreds of sites on the Internet each day
  • Moving from manual lease signing and approvals to a more secure, faster digital system
  • Moving from manual rent payments to a web-based, autopay capable, fully secure system
  • Moving from manual service requests to a web-based, self-service capable system
  • Spending less time training staff on inefficient processes
  • Utilizing new technology to understand your building data, which helps you make better business decisions.


45% increase in collections


75% increase in online payments


35% increase in approved lease applications


85% increase in closed work orders