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November 09, 2017

Mobilize Your Workforce

It’s an on-the-go world. Increasingly, people rely on mobile devices to do everything from banking to shopping to browsing available rental units.

For property management, the mobile frenzy doesn’t stop with prospective renters. Whether it’s maintenance employees or third-party contractors, more and more, people expect to be able to check in with work from anywhere, anytime.

But embracing mobile is about more than just meeting worker demand. Mobilizing your workforce through an online portal can increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs – all of which will boost your bottom line.

Here’s how.


The Merits of Going Mobile

Streamline. With a portal in place, convenience and efficiency become the standard. From managers to accountants to service workers, personnel can easily upload or download information to a centralized digital hub, making it accessible for everyone involved. You’ll be able to eliminate lag time even when exceptions occur – for example, if a costly service request requires special approval from finance.

Coordinate. If you have a large portfolio, keeping track of multiple sites and work orders can be a struggle for even the most experienced maintenance coordinator. A web-based portal not only improves visibility but also allows for handy features like automatic reminders. So you can ensure that maintenance requests and regular upkeep are never overlooked, no matter how many properties you have.

Monitor. An online portal provides a digital communication trail, so management can keep tabs on third-party performance as well as maintenance staff. It also enables residents to check the status of their service requests, in real time and on their preferred device.

Satisfy. Of course, better transparency for renters leads to better customer satisfaction. With a cloud-based maintenance solution, staff and contractors can quickly communicate updates or appointment times to residents, using their favoured method: email, phone or SMS. As well, a good portal will include the option to invite tenants to rate your service, giving you instant feedback on how well your team is doing and whether there are any issues to resolve.


Embrace the Brave New Mobile World

An online maintenance solution can help you oversee, evaluate and improve your maintenance process at every step, from initial service request to resolution and rating. By providing personnel with access to a centralized digital portal, you improve communication and coordination for all key stakeholders, from property managers to maintenance workers to residents.

Property Vista offers cloud-based solutions that will help your team deliver exceptional maintenance service every step of the way, whether working at the desk or in the field. To learn more, sign up for your free account today or give us a call.

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