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January 21, 2016

Mobilize Your Workforce: Agile Property Management

Lately, we’ve been talking to a cross-section of property management experts, many of whom have mentioned the “glacial” adoption of modern technology in today’s operations. But times are changing and the industry is beginning to embrace technology to lower cost and improve operational efficiencies.

Web-based tools enable shared resources, software, information, and scalable IT capabilities that can be delivered on demand “as a Service.” These tools are available 24/7 and can help property management teams work smarter, be more agile and improve customer service.

One of the many benefits is that property managers and their teams, like marketing and maintenance personnel, can now use their smartphones to work, wherever they may be. Here are just a few of the ways property teams can benefit by leveraging a “portable office.”

Seal the deal faster – Leasing agents and building managers can show prospects the available unit, and then using a tablet capture all the information needed to complete the application and go through the credit checks process.

Drive more online payments – When prospects have been approved, managers can use their phone or tablet to get them signed up for the online community portal and explain the benefits of direct online payment. By encouraging online payments, managers play a role in improving cash flow and reducing operational costs.

Create work orders on the fly – Property managers, landlords and other in-the-field personnel can now create work orders on the spot, through their smartphone, or tablet. They can also keep tabs on the progress of repairs.

View and share reports – View or push out reports to complex and regional managers, regardless where they (or you) happen to be.

Reduce paperwork to decrease errors – By cutting out paperwork, and entering information directly into a digital form (applications, leases, work orders etc.) through their mobile phone or tablet, you can eliminate errors caused by transcribing info from paper into the computer system.

Get real-time performance information – Portfolio, district and property managers can instantly tap into accurate, up-to-date information, like arrears. Log in from anywhere to see which residents are behind on rental payments.

Faster and more accurate inspections – Building managers can conduct inspections with the leaving or incoming renter, automatically completing the report through their tablet or phone, and uploading any accompanying photos instead of having to upload them back at the office.

Better, more timely communication – Is the elevator out of order? Is the pool undergoing maintenance? On-site people can use their phone to place the work order and then immediately post to the community portal to let residents know when they can expect everything to be in working order again. This proactive approach generates tenant goodwill and shows the management company’s level of engagement and dedication.

Mobile is Here to Stay

We use our phones and tablets daily – to check our email, pay bills and surf the web. When property management companies can leverage this type of portable tool, it brings instant visibility to all aspects of the business. Key stakeholders can access information and connect in real time, and going digital can help lower operational costs.

And, it’s not only the property managers who benefit. Residents want convenience and better customer service as well. To stay competitive a mobile-ready solution isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have.

To learn more about what Property Vista’s web-based solutions can do for your business, sign up for your free account today or give us a call.

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