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June 11, 2015

Make-or-Break Technology Decisions

Property management firms and REITs are continually faced with the challenge of reducing costs while increasing profits – all without affecting the customer experience. Add to this the fact that the managing properties is becoming increasingly complex, with increased expectations from the residents, and it’s no wonder that landlords are feeling stressed trying to keep up.

Property management professionals turn to technology to help them keep all the balls in the air. Software solutions for property management allow you to fully automate many property management tasks that are now being performed manually, dramatically reducing the time and effort needed to complete each work cycle.

When it comes to choosing a property management software, you will have a make-or-break technology decision between two basic choices– an out of the box solution that stays on local servers or a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. More and more forward-thinking property management firms are opting for a cloud-based solution, and here’s why…

Finding the Right Fit in the Cloud

Cloud-based SaaS systems offer property management companies an adaptable and powerful combination of attributes that far exceeds what you can have when hosting your own onsite local servers.

Scalability – For scalability, you can’t beat web-based SaaS solutions. One great advantage is that there is no need for onsite hardware or servers that can be a burden both in capital expense and in technical administration.

SaaS services are also well suited to companies in rapid growth as it removes the worry of outgrowing existing infrastructure. As the software is cloud-based, you can add users at any time allowing you to quickly accommodate additional staff. SaaS services are often on-demand, so you’ll only pay for the software options that you want.

Anywhere, Anytime Access – The ease and simplicity of accessing a cloud-based software is also perfect for staff to use anywhere on the property or while on the go. Because the system can be accessed by logging in from any computer, tablet or smart phone, companies are even free to implement a BYOD (bring your own device) policy.

The flexibility of how and where the software can be accessed liberates staff from having to be at a desk in the office to complete their work. For personnel who are onsite or moving between different properties, access to information and functionality travels with them wherever they need to be.

Improved Customer Service – A cloud-based system also offers tenants immediacy and a level of service that they have come to expect in an Internet-connected world. Showing a unit? Your property managers can login right there on a tablet and pass it to the prospective tenant to complete their rental application on the spot. Maintenance staff can access issue logs and information from anywhere on the property. They can also file up-to-the moment issue updates that can be sent to the tenant without needing to return to the office.

Better Business Protection – Property management companies also turn to SaaS services as a way to protect their tenant data in case of emergency. The absence of onsite servers protects information while allowing staff to access essential property information, allowing for business continuity. In addition, cloud-based systems offer data back up by default, minimizing data loss in a disaster situation.

Our Solution

Growing numbers of property management firms are exploring cloud-based SaaS solutions that enable them to streamline processes, lower operational costs, gain business intelligence and improve productivity.

Property Vista provides important features to streamline office processes and workflow. It monitors empty units and vacancies, manages tenant requests, collects rent payment, and more. The credit approval process minimizes the risk of selecting a bad tenant.

Most importantly, all data is stored securely and updated in real-time so users have access to the most relevant information about their properties at whenever they need it. To discover how Property Vista can work with you to streamline your operations, sign up for your free account today.

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