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July 06, 2017

How to REALLY Connect

Today there are more ways than ever to connect with people. We live in an era of constant connectivity. The Internet, social media, email, text messages… technology has given us the ability to interact with people at any given moment.

So, how come businesses so often fail at connecting with their most important relationship – their customer?  This can be especially true in the property management business, where often the emphasis is on nurturing new leads and securing new tenants. Once customers sign on the dotted line, building that connection can fall by the wayside.

Here are some tips on building connections from move-in to year-after-year renewal.


Set the Tone

Building a relationship starts at Day 1. And, all good relationships are built on mutual understanding and respect. Before move-in, send the future resident all the information they need to enjoy their unit to its fullest, like a few local restaurant and shopping recommendations. Meet them on move-in day to ensure it goes smoothly, and consider a small welcome present, like a gift card to a local coffee shop.

Tip: On lease signing, get your new tenant all set up with online payments, and walk them through the rules and regulations of the building to avoid any “I didn’t know” moments later.


Be Responsive

When there’s a problem, issue or question, people want a fast response. Industry research states that most renters expect to have issues and communications dealt with in under two hours –whether the communication takes the form of a phone call, email or text message. 

Tip: Automate a response email that acknowledges that their message has been received, and a representative will be personally responding soon.


Follow Up

Make sure maintenance repairs are completed correctly. If the repair will take longer than expected, communicate clearly outlining the reasons, offering an expected timeframe and apologizing for any inconvenience. Tenants are usually very understanding as long as there are ongoing contacts. Once repaired, make sure your resident was satisfied with the work.

Tip: This can be done easily and conveniently through your maintenance portal, by sending the tenant a post-maintenance survey.


Stay In Touch

Many property management firms have a “set and forget” approach to customer communications. By building positive touch points throughout the year, you’ll also build a stronger bond and relationship that can help drive up lease retention rates. Create a quarterly newsletter or periodic updates about building events or charitable food drives.

Tip: In addition to your newsletter, do something personal, unexpected and appreciated: Send a birthday card.


How We Help

With Property Vista’s real-time, web-based tools and resident portals, it’s easy to use to build better customer relations and deliver outstanding service. To learn more about how to use cloud-based technology to effectively market your properties and close on leads, sign up for your free account today or give us a call.


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