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March 06, 2018

How to Improve Landlord Tenant Communications

Successful landlords and property management teams understand the importance of good tenant communications. Timely and ongoing dialogue builds trust and helps create a sense of community.


Our top tactics to improve landlord tenant communications…


1.) Communicate more rather than less.

Too often this is the routine scenario: a tenant moves in, the tenant never hears from the landlord again except for maintenance issues or lease renewals. If that’s the case, the landlord is missing opportunities to engage with the resident and build a better, stronger bond. From a move-in checklist to a holiday greeting, landlords should find ways to communicate to their renters at least quarterly, if not bi-monthly.


2.) Promote the good news.

In with the notices about the elevator being shut down for repairs, actively promote good news stories, like upgrades that will have a favourable impact on their lifestyle. Landlords can also share tips and seasonal advice as well as news of community events that may be appreciated by the tenant.


3.) Diversify your communication channels.

There is no one-size fits all approach. Some tenants will prefer to follow your account on Facebook and Twitter, relying on social media for updates, while others want to be notified by telephone, email or SMS message. Older or more vulnerable residents may appreciate a letter or once-or-twice-a-year face-to-face visit.


4.) Mix up your media.

Just as you will want to have different communication channels, consider something other than just text-based communications. Add in photos or videos to add visual interest and vary your communication style. More and more property management firms have been including QR codes that can whisk readers directly to a page to access more information.


5.) Demonstrate that communication is two-ways.

In addition to outward-bound communication with tenants, landlords should actively encourage two-way dialogue in the form of surveys, feedback on maintenance or other issues pertaining to their rental unit. Successful landlords and property managers will listen and act on this feedback.


6.) Keep it simple.

There’s no need to write a small novel, or use complex language and sentence structure. Keep your communications light and engaging, and you’ll instantly improve the odds of them being read and understood. If there is an action that you need your tenant to take, make sure it is stated clearly, with any associated timelines.

Last but not least, always be respectful of your tenants’ preferences concerning how and when they want to be communicated to. Always start your communication with a friendly hello, be polite and sign off with a courteous “sincerely” or “yours truly.”

How We Can Help

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