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December 19, 2012

Holiday Property Management Tips

The holidays offer a wonderful opportunity to let your tenants know that you care, and to ensure that everyone gets through the season as safely and happily as possible. We’ve outlined a few holiday property management tips to help make that happen.

Show Your Holiday Spirit!

Help residents get in a festive mood by decorating your building. This can be as simple as stringing a few lights on the main door, or hanging a holiday sign near the entrance.

For a more personal touch, send greetings to each of your residents. You can do this the old-fashioned way by giving each one a card, or you can send out e-greetings, through a tenant portal. Either way, the message is delivered that you value them as tenants and wish them the best of the season.

Get Practical

You can also show your concern by taking steps to ensure the safety of your residents, and your building, over the holidays. Post valuable tips on your tenant portal that address issues such as:

  • Watering Christmas trees. Dry trees are not only less attractive, but they pose a significant fire hazard, particularly when you consider that many trees are surrounded by lights or candles. (Note: Even artificial trees should be kept away from sources of heat.)
  • Exercising care with holiday lights. Both interior and exterior lights wear out, leading to possible electrical shorts over time. Advise tenants to replace their lights every few years – you can point out any sales at nearby stores. You should also caution tenants against overloading their circuits with too many power cords and strings of lights. Finally, emphasize to residents that they should always turn off their lights before leaving their units or going to bed. This is especially important in the case of lights on or near a Christmas tree (see above bullet).
  • Being cautious with candles. Many people light candles during the holidays. They should be careful not to place them near plants, trees, curtains or anything else flammable. Tenants should never leave lit candles unattended, as they could fall over and easily start a flash fire. If you have a building with fireplaces, remind tenants not to hang decorations close to the heat, and never to leave a fire unattended.
  • Watching the oven. As with lights, candles and fires, ovens should never been left on when tenants leave their units. The majority of fires over the holidays are caused by cooking, so remind residents to be especially careful during this time. In the event of a stovetop fire, they can smother the flames with a lid. For small grease fires, baking soda is often enough to squelch the flames. Most importantly, make sure your tenants know that they should never use water to extinguish a fire, and that they must call 911 and evacuate the building if they’re unable to quickly put out the fire on their own.

In addition to safety tips, be sure to mention any programs you have in place to make the holidays go smoothly, such as a tree recycling initiatives.

Happy Holidays!

From everyone at PropertyVista to you, we wish you a most happy, healthy holiday and prosperous New Year. Why not take a free 30-day trial and see how PropertyVista can help improve your prosperity!

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