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August 07, 2018

Growing Your PMC: Grow Your Property Management Resources

What do you need to do to become the property of choice for quality renters? To grow your property management company, you need to become a property management resource. This means serving two audiences: renters and property owners.


Renters: What Property Management Resources to Create

Put yourself in the mind of your prospective renter. What property management resources would influence their decision?

Here are some to help guide you:

Social Media: Definitely, building awareness through social media and showing that you respond to queries and complaints courteously and quickly helps build trust with prospects. As well, by sharing information about available units and details on community events and attractions, you are creating a lifestyle profile for your brand. Be sure to post lots of images and any video tours or testimonials you may have. Use geo-targeted hashtags to help folks looking for details about a specific neighbourhood.

Website Content: Whether you incorporate a blog, or create a resource centre on your site, the purpose is the same: Make it a “pull marketing” for prospects and helpful source of information for existing renters. What are the top restaurants near your property? Where are the closest schools, libraries and community centres? Create content on the things that make your neighbourhood and your property a desirable place to call home. The upshot of website content creation is that it makes it is fodder for social media.

Tenant Portal: Attracting tenants is only part of a property management firm’s job. Keeping tenants happy and renewing is another essential task. Communication is key. Creating welcome packages that set expectations and clearly outline your responsibilities as well as the renter’s responsibilities. In this resource centre you can also include emergency procedures,


Owners: What Property Management Resources to Create

Owners want to know that you are an expert in your field and your company is trustworthy. They want a property management company that views their properties as assets so they increase in value while making a healthy profit.

Here are some ways to become a resource with owners:

Social Media: Here too you can attract the eye of owners considering hiring a property management company for the first time, or changing property management firms. Owners want to know that the company they are paying to look after their asset(s) is attentive to renters and is customer-service focused. In the same way that mentioning the local summer festival will connect with renters, it also will resonate with owners. It demonstrates that you are showcasing the local community. As well, share articles about real estate trends and industry info that would appeal to owners.

Your Website: Owners will be looking at your About section closely. This is where you need to have information about your expertise. You may even wish to create a “For Owners” section that contains testimonials and an e-book or other information about why owners need property management firms. You can also include an FAQ, as a quick reference for owners.

Owners Portal: Owners need a solid overview of their investments. That’s why they need to be able to run reports on the health of finances and operations as well as repairs and maintenance.  This ensures their investment is running smoothly and earning them a profit. Look for a property management solution that allows you to share financial and operations reports with a simple click using an integrated permissions tool.


How Property Vista Helps

We help property management firms create professional, appealing websites that can integrate a blog, social media, portals for owners and tenants and many more features. Firstly, our mix-and-match solutions enable you to choose the services you need, when you need them. Secondly, by automating many of your property management processes and offering online rental lease agreements, you’ll save valuable time and resources while ensuring that all rental units are occupied and rent is paid on time. We offer real-time reporting and enhanced business security.

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