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April 18, 2012

Going Green: The Paperless Property Management Office is Easier Than You Think

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When an institution like Encyclopedia Britannica announces it will stop producing a printed version, perhaps it’s time you considered going paperless too. It’s a green solution that saves money, is more convenient and more efficient. A combination that’s hard to beat!

Property management has traditionally been paper-based, but with the advent of Canadian legislation on digital signatures the falling cost of digital storage, and affordable software options, there’s really never been a better time to make the change.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from going paperless:

Reduced costs. Sure, you’ll save money on paper consumption, but it doesn’t stop there. A paperless office means less physical space needed for filing cabinets, fewer toner cartridges, a lighter need for equipment like copiers and fax machines, and less administration time needed for document management.

Improved communication. Mobile devices and widespread access to the Internet means that you can have instant access to information wherever you are. Your tenants can now communicate with you when it suits their schedule, not just during office hours.

Improved efficiency. With electronic records, you can locate files more quickly from the office or on the road, saving time. Automation can remove the hassle of repetitive tasks.

Improved customer service. Giving your tenants online access to applications, maintenance requests, and their billing accounts whenever they need it builds loyalty and trust.

More secure. Password-protect digital files behind a firewall on your company’s network and restrict access to files based on your needs.

Greener planet. Using less paper will reduce your company’s environmental impact. Less trees consumed for paper production, less carbon released as greenhouse gasses and less energy consumed is good for everybody.

If you’re not ready to dive in completely, there are things you can do today to move your property management business closer to paperless. Often reducing paper-dependence is a matter of changing habits. Simple things like printing on both sides of a page, purchasing recycled paper and not printing everything that lands in your inbox will do a lot to reduce your paper consumption.

When you’re ready to take the next step, ramp up your operations efficiency and customer service with modules from the PropertyVista suite of software.

Make your tenant communications paper-free and super-convenient with PortalVista. Send updates about building events and activities, reducing your dependency on paper memos. Electronic maintenance requests will not only save trees, but streamline and simplify the workflow, letting both tenants and management see the status and details of the ticket in real-time. Then, take it mobile with PortalVista Mobile for iPhone.

Say goodbye to paper account statements and invoicing! Your tenants can receive automated reminders, view their payment history, see their current charges, adjust their payment preferences and make payments online with PayVista.

­Tenant applications can result in a lot of paper to be filed. Take your property applications online with ApplyVista. You advertise available units on the Internet, so reach people right then and there by having prospective tenants complete an application immediately, at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world. Applicants can even attach supporting documents, like identification or insurance, allowing you to store everything you need digitally.

These are just a few ways that PropertyVista can help you go green with a paperless property management office. Sign up now for a free demo and get access to our software before your competition. Yes, it’s that easy.

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