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May 07, 2015

Five Ways to Keep Residents Happy

Renting out your property, advertising it, and showing it to prospective residents are among the most time-consuming (and costliest) tasks involved in running a rental property. So, how do you keep vacancy levels down? It’s as simple as this: Happy residents renew leases.

When you can ensure tenant satisfaction, you are also ensuring that your quality renters stay for a long period of time.

Here are five easy ways to keep your tenants happy.

Build a Relationship

Remember, renters can’t follow the rules if they don’t know them! Make sure that when your residents move in they receive a friendly welcome package through your tenant portal that includes a list of property policies, helpful tips, safety and security information, contact numbers, amenity information and a listing of nearby resources, like libraries, parks and schools.

Be sure to follow up within the weeks following move-in to find out if everything is okay. Let your renters know that you are always ready to assist them.

Stay on Top of Repairs

One of the most common reasons for tenants leaving a building is repairs and building maintenance being overlooked or ignored. Residents don’t want to have to pick up the phone every time they need to have a squeaky door fixed or an access card replaced, so make it easy to get in touch.

Property managers should take advantage of web-based technology for managing repairs and maintenance that allows for automated repair notifications, post-repair follow-ups and repair satisfaction surveys with minimal administrative overheads.

By sending out a survey after the repairs have been completed you can also ensure that your residents are happy with the quality of the repairs. This helps you keep tabs on your in-house or third-party contractors.

Monitor Your Reputation

From the “repeat customers” of current residents to renters who have moved on for one reason or another, people are talking about your properties. Online forums, social media, and review and check-in sites like Yelp and FourSquare have made it easier than ever for prospective residents to see exactly what people think about your building and your customer service.

Check your listings on Google, Yelp, FourSquare, etc on a regular basis and don’t forget to set up a Google alert for your property name, or management company name. Then determine if any complaints are valid, and respond politely outlining how the problem or issue has been solved. (See our tips for handling negative reviews here.)

Reputation monitoring is an efficient way of keeping your “ear to the ground” and to ensure that building managers are delivering customer service to your tenants.

Show Your Appreciation

In addition to the “business as usual” communications, don’t forget to show the human side. Everyone likes to be appreciated, and little things can make a big difference. You can:

  • Include a roll of address labels in your welcome package.
  • Use your tenant portal to send a birthday notice or offer a perk like a free month of parking for lease renewal.
  • Recognize residents who have made a difference on your community board or in your newsletter.
  • Arrange an open-house night once a year in the party room.

Birds of a Feather

People are happiest when their friends and family are close by. Offer your current quality residents a referral fee for friends, co-workers or family members who move in. Get creative! The referral fee could be a discount for one month’s rent or a gift card.

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