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Purchase Order Management



Web based purchase order system

Purchase ordering goes far beyond just having the right equipment – it dictates how quickly repairs and maintenance are performed, instills quality in your property, keeps tenants safe and happy, and can save you money through good planning and strong vendor relations.

Generate purchase orders straight from work orders. No more guessing what deliveries were for what jobs – it’s fully transparent, efficient and organized.

Transparent and organized = better business

  • keep all requests in one place
  • generate purchase orders directly from work orders
  • trace deliveries to their corresponding jobs
  • combine requests to order more efficiently and reduce costs
  • helps explain outstanding work orders

Vendor Portal

Cultivate an all-star support team

Your relationships with vendors are a lifeline for your business. Goods and services delivered by these companies and professionals keep your properties running smoothly, guarantee safety and security, and help raise your property’s profile.

Property Vista helps you keep paperwork organized and communications streamlined with these key players.

  • easy purchase ordering means combining orders for potential savings and greater efficiency
  • centralized invoicing and automated payment options means no missed invoices and easy payment status updates
  • organized records mean more transparency and consistency in your supplies

Devika Kabe Financial/Administrative Assistant, Katalyst Real Estate Corp.
Describe your experience in a few words

Takes off the administrative burden of physically entering leases, very helpful customer service

What do you like the most about the software?

Ability to automatically collect rent monthly through auto-pay, pulls out rent from tenants bank account