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Vendor Management System

Don’t ‘just manage’ — take control with vendor management software

One of the most critical elements of property management software is how it handles the paperwork-heavy tasks of maintaining safe, secure and code-compliant properties. Property Vista has revolutionized maintenance and vendor management simply by placing the customer at the centre of our development.

Monolithic workflows and piles of paperwork are logically broken down into easy-to-manage workflows that automatically generate the paperwork you need to get the job done.

Property and Unit Mobile Inspections

Property Vista’s mobile inspection tool allows you to perform all types of inspections conveniently with any mobile device. It helps you take better care of your property with less time and effort.

Everything in one place

Mobile inspections offer more than just convenience — they provide you with stellar protection and peace of mind.

  • track inspections on any mobile device
  • digitally stores inspection data for legal documentation
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Purchase ordering system

Purchase ordering goes far beyond just having the right equipment – it dictates how quickly repairs and maintenance are performed, instills quality in your property, keeps tenants safe and happy, and can save you money through good planning and strong vendor relations.

Generate purchase orders straight from work orders. No more guessing what deliveries were for what jobs – it’s fully transparent, efficient and organized.

  • generate directly from work orders
  • cost efficient, time-saving and transparent
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Work Order Tracking

Did you know that on average 20% of paper-based maintenance requests are misplaced, and 25% of residents have lingering work orders? Property Vista is the all-in-one solution to address those points of failure.

With Property Vista, you can:

  • stay organized with prioritized tasks
  • directly generate purchase orders for maximum transparency
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Maintenance Requests and Tracking

Property Vista’s maintenance request tool links into your tenants’ myCommunity portal, allowing them to conveniently submit requests and ensure work is brought to your attention as soon as it’s needed.

Requests stay organized with real-time status updates, keeping managers in the know. Work and purchase orders required to complete the maintenance request can easily be generated, creating one smooth, transparent workflow.

  • avoid lost paperwork/missed repairs
  • instant status updates for managers and tenants
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Property Vista Inspector app helps us to effectively manage all of our inspections.

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The app is very intuitive and ensures we do not miss any inspection