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Eliminate errors, reduce costs and minimize risk while you get more done and increase tenant satisfaction – it’s unbelievably simple with Property Vista

Property Vista is customer-centred property management software for companies looking to streamline and modernize their business operations while improving their bottom line.

Could converting your current business structure to a web-based platform really make that much of a difference? Won’t it produce just as many mistakes?

Paper-based payment flow

2nd drop off

Back to step 1


Ledger entry


Accounting entry


Track down resident for payment


Dropped of


Bank Deposite


Admin informs site staff of NSf


Paper cheque


Bank Processing


Manual updates to match statement


Bank statement review for NSF

Out with the old

Electronic payment flow
Resident pays at his/her convenience
All accounting system are instantly updated
Resident is informed of compeleted payment
In with the new

  • 1

    Paper cheque

  • 2

    Dropped off

  • 3

    Ledger entry

  • 4

    2nd drop off

  • 5

    Accounting Entry

  • 6

    Bank Deposite

  • 7

    Bank Processing

  • 8

    Bank statement review for NSF

  • 9

    Manual updates to match statement

  • 10

    Admin informs site staff of NSf

  • 11

    Track down resident for payment

  • Resident pays online at his/her convenience

  • All accounting systems are instantly updated

  • Resident is informed of compeleted payment

  • Done


of maintenance requests are misplaced


of residents have lingering work orders


of paper-based payments go delinquent


of residents prefer using a portal over Facebook


of residents feel underserviced


of residents want more web-based interactions

Philosophical Difference

You do more than just accounting – so should your software. We have a philosophical difference, putting customers first. Learn More

Eliminate human error and lost paperwork

  • reduce your manual data entry by adopting online applications and leasing
  • eliminate the estimated 20% of lost paper-based work orders
  • stay organized with inspection scheduling and checklists available on any device
  • keep your applications, leases, maintenance requests, work orders, purchase orders, notices and invoices safe in our secure, searchable document storage

Reduce costs

  • spend way less on printing, mailing and rush supply orders
  • generate purchase orders directly from work orders and reduce the need for rush orders; easily view multiple orders and bundle for more savings
  • reduce the number of emergency repairs caused by missed maintenance

Minimize risk

  • streamline inspections available on any device are faster, automatically save in document storage and can link to work and purchase orders
  • use our safe and secure document storage to keep paperwork organized, searchable and backed up – never lose a lease, inspection or notice again
  • get peace of mind that your tenants are informed of critical updates with our flexible and robust communication module

Save time and get more done

  • eliminate the hassle of lost and bounced cheques by switching to an online payment system with real-time verification, approvals and automated accounting updates
  • automatically generate work and purchase orders for maximum transparency
  • use our communications module to automate any messages to any and all residents, and send via text, email, addressed mail or autodial phone calls
  • automate your move-in/out process to get contracts, on-boarding, elevator rentals and communications done without lifting a finger
  • use the integrated internet listing service (ILS) to advertise vacant units online as soon as they become available
  • attract more applicants with convenient, travel- and fax-free online applications
  • keep applicants on file and use our robust communication module to reach out and reclaim potential business

Increase tenant satisfaction

  • link tenant communications with work orders to ensure the job is completed to everyone’s satisfaction
  • get tenants on our myCommunity portal, where they can conveniently pay rent, open maintenance requests, and keep up-to-date on events and notices
  • increase speed of repairs with efficient work and purchase order automation
  • team with local businesses to offer perks and promotions via the myCommunity portal


Data Security


We protect your data like you protect your properties

Web-based software eliminates costly and time-consuming upgrades and maintenance, reducing overhead and increasing scalability. Property Vista’s full-scale data security measures allow you to enjoy all the convenience of software-as-a-service technology with the peace of mind that access to your data is safeguarded, monitored and supported.

Encryption and intrusion prevention

End-to-end encryption, multiple firewalls, secure access and remote site linking keeps sensitive data private and secure.

Data recovery

Primary and secondary server backups and regular maintenance ensure that your data is safe, even in a full disaster recovery.

In-country storage

Our servers are located in Canada, so your data is always compliant with Canadian laws and requirements about personal data.

Robust administration

Multi-layered user accounts options mean your employees will only see information relevant to their work.

24/7 monitoring

Our continuous monitoring of the network, in conjunction with weekly server maintenance, climate control, fire suppression system, backup power generators and top level security at data centres means we are prepared for any physical or cyber threat to your data.


Intuitive Design


You’ll know where to find it (because we know where you’ll look)

Software only works as well as the people who use it. Property Vista’s customer-centred approach extends beyond just the tools we offer in our software – it also speaks to the design.

Our intuitive and easy-to-follow interface is divided into logical sections with clear instruction, meaning it’s simple to find what you’re looking for to complete a task.

This intuitive design leads to fast adoption by both employees and tenants with minimal training, saving you time, money and hassles.



Built with more than 100 years of
property management experience

Property Vista puts the customer at the centre of our software, and for good reason – our software’s primary objective is to serve you and all you do.

Like a team of brilliant, diligent assistants working behind-the-scenes 24/7, Property Vista handles the things you need to move off your plate to get ahead: the menial, the repetitive, the administrative and the inconvenient.

Best yet, our customer-centric approach means that getting your properties on-board and setup in Property Vista is easy, and our stellar support tools and staff are always available to help.

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